Southern Alps: How to receive D!CI TV, television from the Southern Alps?
By amk, 22/02/2022

Southern Alps: How to receive D!CI TV, television from the Southern Alps?

You can watch D!CI TV in several ways:

1-D!CI TV is available free of charge on TNT ("rake" antenna) in the Southern Alps (see broadcast area below) on channel 31. To receive us, simply launch an automatic search on your TV.

Please check if you are receiving DTT (rake antenna) If this is the case 1° - Relaunch an automatic search in your menu because we have changed our settings and your station has not necessarily automatically taken them into account still have no sound after this search, you must launch a manual search when your menu offers it to you. Then ask to search for channel 24 (the one on which France 2/3 and D!CI TV are located, among others) Your station, which thought it was receiving us because it detected the image, will therefore update the parameters of all the channels of this channel. , including DiCI TV which is inside channel 24, on channel 31... It's not simple. Normally it's automatic but it happens that some televisions are recalcitrant ... After having done this manual search, it should be good. If the problems persist, it is possible that your antenna (in particular for collective antennas) is incorrectly adjusted . In this case, please contact your neighbors and, if they do not receive either, your aerial operator or your trustee. In any event, if you receive France 3 Provence Alpes and you do not receive France 3 Drôme or Isère AND that you receive new DTT channels such as RMC Découverte for example, you should easily be able to watch D!CI TV programs on DTT. If this is not the case, log on to the TDF viewers area to report the problem to them. TDF will contact you as soon as possible.

2-D!CI TV is also available free of charge on the Fransat satellite (5° West) on channel 102 This assumes that you are equipped with a satellite dish and a Fransat HD decoder Fransat is a free service without subscription. March 19, 2014, D!CI TV changed format to Fransat. Viewers who receive us by satellite with Fransat must be equipped with an HD decoder. If this is not the case, and you are equipped with one of the "old generation" decoders in SD version, which are no longer for sale, you must equip yourself with an HD version decoder to receive us. Changing decoders will also give you the opportunity to receive, in addition to D!CI TV, 10 channels in High Definition quality, including the 6 new channels TNT. Soon, the purchase of an HD decoder will become imperative. Thanks to D!CI TV, Get a little ahead! They are on sale from 100 Euros at your antenna dealer or DIY store. To equip yourself, you can find a FRANSAT dealer near you on If you are equipped with a Fransat HD decoder and therefore receive the new DTT channels (Team 21, RMC Découverte, etc.), the new settings are automatic and we therefore remain on channel 102, if you receive RMC discovery but not D!CI TV, please update your decoder again. In the event of a problem, contact 3260 or For the moment, it is not planned to be present on Canal sat because of the cost that this represents (around 400,000 euros per year). We preferred Fransat because it is cheaper and free for viewers. If you want to keep your channel sat subscription while receiving D!CI TV, you can buy a multi-card HD decoder that allows you to receive several satellites. This option is all the more relevant if your decoder is old (more than 3 years) because you will soon have to change it to switch to HD. For your information, we are now on channel 367 on the Freeboxes, on the channel 366 of new SFR boxes, channel 272 of Orange boxes and on channel 452 of Bouygues Télécom BBOX. If you receive Orange TV by satellite, your dish must be pointed at Atlantic Bird (5° West) and you You can find our programs on channel 232.3- You can also watch D!CI TV live on the internet on our streaming site here and on our Android and Smartphone applications If you are located in an area that is not eligible or poorly served by ADSL Internet (speed less than 2 Mbits), the new satellite offers deliver an Internet service of up to 18 Mbits for a monthly subscription starting at €19.90 depending on the Internet service provider (ISP) chosenThere are aids to equipment for this type of installation For the Hautes Alpes: For the Alpes de Haute Provence: index.htmlIn case of reception problem, please contact us by email here.

If you don't receive it, you are on the wrong satellite. D!CI TV cannot be received on Sat Astra. In this case, contact your dealer who will find a solution for you.

The transition from DTT to HD: Quesako?

On the night of April 4 to 5, 2016, all DTT channels will switch to HD 5 High Definition If you are equipped with SD (television and (or) decoder), you will no longer receive any television channels! already configured in HD, you just need to check if you already receive HD channels such as TF1 HD or France 2 HD. If so, no problem, you won't have to do anything, if not, you will have to consider new equipment. Several scenarios:

Until now, you did not receive D!CI TV. Take advantage of the switch to HD to find out more (see p. 4) If you have an old-generation television, you will either have to change it or buy an HD decoder If you receive satellite television and your decoder is old, you will need to upgrade to a new HD decoder. So, take advantage of our offer (see below) and buy a decoder compatible with Fransat, only this will allow you to receive D!CI TV. Note that if you are a fan of Canal +, you can choose a multi-card decoder which will allow you to receive both Fransat and Canal Sat. You will simply have to add a receiving head to your dish. Note that if your dish was previously oriented towards another satellite, you will just have to change its orientation. If you receive television via a box, no problem, you will not have to do anything. Note that from the end of 2015, beginning of 2016, D!CI TV will be visible on a single channel common to all boxes. Channel 30 on SFR, Bouygues, Orange and Free. If you have a poor internet connection, take the opportunity to equip yourself with a satellite dish and a Sat2way subscription and you will kill 2 birds with one stone! You should also know that if your home, your administration, your association or your business is located in an area that is not eligible or poorly served by ADSL (speed less than 2 Mbits), you can benefit from equipment assistance of up to at 300 euros (inquire with the Departmental Council).