These are all Amazon-branded products that have been reduced in price for a limited time |  Technology
By amk, 14/02/2022

These are all Amazon-branded products that have been reduced in price for a limited time | Technology

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Amazon also wants you to save on its products, which is why it offers discounts on almost all products from Fire TV, Echo, Echo Show, and more.

Amazon's September sales have just started and are already strong with lots of sales. Although we're not on a special date like Prime Day or Black Friday, Amazon has decided that entering September is a good time to give you a break from the sales.

Among many discounted products right now, you can find more than a dozen Amazon-branded products at a great price. Items like Echo speakers, Echo Show displays, Kindle, and more.

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It's a perfect way to get some of their cheaper products. You'll also find bargains that many have been eagerly waiting for, such as an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for 25 euros less.

These are some of the best deals on Amazon-branded products you can buy right now, but for a limited time, as it will be dropping on September 7th.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite for €104

This Amazon e-book reader has 8 GB of storage and a backlit screen. It is also waterproof.

The world's top e-book reader has a version with a better screen and also waterproof. It's Kindle Paperwhite, an e-book reader already on sale at Amazon.

This 6-inch e-ink reader has 300 dots per inch resolution with no glare and reads like printed paper from a book.

It's waterproof, so you can take it to the beach or the pool. In addition, the screen is backlit which makes it possible to read at night.

The version with 8 GB of storage, which can hold hundreds of books, already costs only 104.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Dot from €21.99

This smart speaker with Alexa is Amazon's most affordable entry-level range. It has omnidirectional sound and microphone.

Amazon Echo Point Small Speakers are also at a nice discount. Specific the 3rd generation model, the most compact and in pill form and costs only 21.99 euros.

It's the most compact version with good sound quality and a microphone, but it might not be the speaker you want to use for listening to music.

You can use Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant that works with thousands of connected home products and can answer your questions.

The next generation of Amazon's best-selling smart speaker features a redesigned spherical design. This new look has also optimized sound amplification, which is now better distributed.

Also available for sale is the 4th generation Amazon Echo Dot, the newest model and with a spherical design.

This version is more interesting because it has better sound quality, both in its speakers to listen to music and in its microphones so that Alexa can hear you better. The design is more interesting and certainly sounds better than previous generations.

You can get it with a 50% discount for only 29.99 euros.

Amazon Echo Show from €49.99

What do you get if you mix an Echo Show with its speakers and mics, and a touchscreen? The answer is Amazon's Echo Show.

These screens with speakers and intelligent virtual assistant Alexa allow you to have the same uses as small speakers, but also to have a visualization of searches or answers, as well as to be able to watch videos, films and series from other apps.

You can even make video calls to other Amazon users or Skype contacts.

The first generation Amazon Echo Show from 5′′ can already be found for only 49.99 euros. The second generation launched this same 2021 is also on sale, i.e. 30 euros remaining at 54.99 euros.

This Amazon smart speaker has an 8′′ touchscreen, in addition to Alexa and several smart functions that it shares with other speakers in the company's catalog.

If you want a bigger screen and better sound quality, the first-generation 8-inch Amazon Echo Show is also available for purchase.

It's the same smart display as previous versions, but bigger and with better sound quality. Perfect for setting up passageways in your home or even in the kitchen.

Now it only costs 64.99 euros, which isn't bad considering it used to cost 109.99 euros.

Amazon Fire TV Stick from €19.99

This streaming device is more powerful than the standard previous generation model, and has an Alexa remote, albeit without volume buttons, built in.

This device is used to play streaming content directly on your TV or monitor. It has applications such as Netflix, HBO or Spotify.

This device is used to play streaming content directly on your TV or monitor. It has applications such as Netflix, HBO or Spotify, in addition to 4K resolution.

The Amazon Streaming Player is a product that anyone who has an old TV and wants to make it smarter should already have. It's the Fire TV Stick product line, which uses a custom version of Android with streaming apps to upgrade your old TV.

It is compatible with any TV that has an available HDMI input and a WiFi network to connect to the Internet. From there, you can open apps like Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Disney+, and more to see their content.

The basic model, Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite It will only cost you 19.99 euros, a practically obligatory purchase. It supports 1080p video and has a remote with a microphone to talk to Alexa.

Amazon Fire TV Stick is a streaming player identical to the previous one, but with a remote control that also controls the ignition and the volume of your television. This model costs 24.99 euros.

And if you want to add 4K video playback, you have this Fire TV Stick 4K for 39.99 euros on Amazon.

Other Amazon Products Offered

There are many other products for sale on Amazon of their own brand. Ring series security products or Eero WiFi routers.

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You can get all these Amazon products with free and fast shipping if you sign up for Amazon Prime. This way, you will have all the advantages of being a member and you won't have to pay anything for the first month.

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