Difficulties with the Applican Application Travelers will be able to give their information to the border
By akademiotoelektronik, 17/03/2023

Difficulties with the Applican Application Travelers will be able to give their information to the border

(Ottawa) Travelers who cannot access the government's arrival of the government, or who simply forget to fill it, can receive some leniency on the border after the Minister of Public Security of Canada has given new instructions to the instructions toborder agents to allow people to provide their travel details in person.

Publié le 6 déc. 2021La Presse Canadienne

Minister Marco Mendicino said he had asked the border authorities to authorize travelers to provide their travel information to the border if they had forgotten or could not use the Applican Application.

So far, anyone who wanted to arrive in Canada had to write the details of their trip to the application under penalty of being denied boarding if the person travels by plane, or to submit to forty weeks atHis arrival.

Difficultés avec l’application ArriveCAN Les voyageurs pourront donner leurs informations à la frontière

Registration on application has become a compulsory part of the visit to Canada, no matter how long the traveler has been outside the country.

The application collects information on where the traveler was, the aim of his trip, his contact details, his vaccination information, the results of the COVVI-19 screening tests before the trip and its quarantine plan atimes in Canada.

Conservative spokesperson for public security, Raquel Dancho said that the deputies had received hundreds of complaints about this policy, in particular that the application was inaccessible and unreliable.

"The Applican Application has planted for some users.Many cannot access it from poor cellular service.Many elderly people have no smartphone.For others, expensive data packages are out of reach for them, "she said.

Minister Mendicino claims that the government will never hesitate to put in place measures to protect Canadians on the border, in particular in the light of the emergence of the new variant Omicron.

He claims to have asked the Canada Border Services Agency to give travelers the opportunity to give their information in person instead.