Down with the traffic restrictions: what are the cheapest "Crit'Air 1" opportunities?
By akademiotoelektronik, 15/09/2022

Down with the traffic restrictions: what are the cheapest "Crit'Air 1" opportunities?

2040.Even squarely 2035.These are the temporal deadlines to sink thermal vehicles out of our roads, in Europe.Either in 15 to 20 years.Not so far.But in the meantime, traffic restrictions are becoming more and more widespread and severe.Already in restricted traffic areas (ZCR), you can only circulate with cars that can display "Crit'Air" stickers, classified from 5 to 0, depending on the pollution standards respected (the 0 corresponding to electric cars)).

Thus, Paris, Lille, Grenoble or Strasbourg integrate ZCR.And the capital is the most "punitive", by removing from its arteries the vehicles Crit'Air 4 and 5, during the week, from 8 am to 8 pm.

The goal is also to severrize these restrictions year after year.Thus, Paris has planned to rule out the Crit'Air 3 stickers from 2022.And the Crit'Air 2 and all diesels in 2024, then in 2030, only the vehicles Crit'Air 0, the electricity, will be allowed to circulate in the capital.Unless backwards, or changing political will...

Suddenly, for a Parisian, a Ile-de-France, or even any motorist confronted with these ZCRs, or led to move to Ile-de-France one day, a question arises.When renewing your car, should you still consider a car that only has a sticker 5, 4, 3 or 2?Shouldn't we directly target a Crit'Air 1 or 0?The concern is that it is by definition more recent vehicles, and therefore more expensive, because respecting pollution standards also more recent and more drastic.Which can discourage...or prove to be impossible in view of the thickness of the wallet.And yet, some are today affordable, even frankly cheap

For this article, we have voluntarily dismissed electric cars, to focus on cars displaying a "Crit'Air 1" sticker which, logically, should leave a few good years of traffic tranquility, all over the territory.And which are freed from the problems that are still sharp of autonomy and recharge.

Concretely, that means opt for a vehicle that respects the standard "Euro 5 or subsequent", that is to say registered from January 1, 2011 (or which respects the standard, if registered previously).

Please note, even respecting the standard, all diesel vehicles are excluded from the Crit'Air 1 sticker.On the contrary, those who do not necessarily respect it, but operating in GNV or "rechargeable hybrid" type, automatically benefit from it.

Here is the caradisiac selection of the most affordable Crit'Air 1 cars, category by category

Minicitadines and versatile Citadines Crit'Air 1 the cheapest

These are obviously the most numerous on the market, by their already affordable price in nine.There are less than € 3,000!

Ford Ka 2

The little Ford, the technical cousin of the Fiat 500, is much cheaper than the latter!There are copies of 2012, displaying 120,000 to 130,000 km, for € 2,800.For € 4,000, you can find copies of 2013 and less than 100,000 km.It has small 1.2 well -known from the Fiat group, which develops 69 hp and provides honest performance in town, but insufficient on the road.On the other hand, it is hyper reliable.

Fiat Panda 2

A very successful minicitadine that this panda.It sneaks with ease in urban areas, and maneuvers are facilitated by the "City" touch, which increases management assistance.A function that has been able to lay reliability concerns, but it is almost completely resolved today.There are around € 2,500 from second generation panda, engine 1.2,69 hp, as on the Ford Ka.They sometimes display less than 140,000 km.For € 3,000, around 120,000 km.And if we push up to € 4,000, it is the third generation, more successful in every way (comfort, soundproofing, equipment), which holds you out.

Fiat Punto Evo/Punto 3

The Punto is, unlike the panda, a large city car, called "versatile".It is therefore a little more expensive, but there are still models of 2011, around 100,000 km, for € 4,500.It also has 1.2,69 hp for this price.Models 1.4,77 hp are much more expensive (€ 6,000).Weakly motorized, it should only be confined to the city.But it is also spacious, with a large chest, comfortable and well equipped.

Suzuki Alto 2

This basic little Suzuki is very present in small ad, as soon as we look for the lowest prices.It must be said that you could buy it new to less than € 10,000 at the time (from € 8,300 in 2011).Of course, its services are basic, its finish too, but it does not lack PEP's in urban circulation thanks to its 3 cylinders 1.0 of 68 hp and its featherweight.On the other hand, on the highway, it is hell.In any case, there are less than € 3,000 today, and for € 3,500, the counter will not display more than 110,000 km.

Peugeot 107/Citroën C1/Toyota Aygo

A bas les restrictions de circulation : quelles sont les occasions

The PSA/Toyota triplet is a bestseller in the Mini Citadines category.They are suddenly very present in announcement, and at very attractive prices, always with the famous vignette "Crit'Air 1"!Basic design, they are economical for use and maintenance, and do the job correctly, whether in town, and even on the road.3 -cylinder 1.0 of 68 hp is voluntary, and very sober.The few concerns of reliability of the beginnings are today most of the time resolved (water pump, clutch, infiltration).For 3,000 to 3,500 €, you will have a copy of 2011 or 2012, displaying with a little luck less than 100,000 km on the counter.And for € 4,300, around 85,000 km.

Renault Twingo 2

How to ignore the Renault Twingo?Impossible.It is the archetype of the small economic city car, to the purchase as for the use.In 2011, the second generation is marketing.And it is one of the most successful urban chips.It is comfortable, practical, very reassuring on the road, it can also afford without concern for getaways outside the city.Well, know that a model "Crit'Air 1", from 2012, engine 1.2 16V of 75 hp, reliable and sober, displaying less than 100,000 km, may be up to you against less than € 4,000, and that it will even be, in some cases, a restyled version!

Peugeot 206+

At Peugeot again, above 107, we find the 206+.It is a 206 made up in 207, which was sold at the same time as the latter, to extend the career of the 206.A versatile city car, therefore more spacious and comfortable than a mini city center.She exchanges against € 4,000 in version 1.4,75 hp, more able to leave the city than version 1.1 60 hp, vintage 2011 or 2012, and around 140,000 km.

Dacia Sandero

The Dacia Sandero discounts very slowly.This means that despite an attack price in nine under the € 8,000, it still raises almost € 3,000, even in basic finish, for a 2011 model.We have for this price a engine 1.4 of 75, quite greedy, but reliable and of good will.And a car certainly basic, not very equipped, but which is ultimately very properly aged, and whose reliability remains excellent.In addition, the first generation Sandero is one of the cheapest cars to maintain, insure, repair, etc..With its thumbnail 1, it will allow you to see a few years coming without spending a lot.

Ford Fiesta 5

At Ford, we find in the chapter of cheap cars, in addition to the KA, the most versatile fiesta.A car that knows how to show as much comfort as dynamism, which has correct volumes, both for passengers and for luggage.And who is very nice to drive.And there are 2011/2012 models from € 3,500.Certainly they have the smallest engine, the 1.25 of 60 hp, and have at least 140,000 km.If we add € 1,000, we lower in mileage, and we can sometimes even access a 3 cylinder 1.0 Ecoboost 100 hp.More efficient of course.

Renault Clio 3

The best -selling car in France for ages, the Clio is also quite accessible, even if its aura maintains ratings quite high ultimately on occasion, especially for the older models (paradoxically).Suddenly, to access a 2012 model, that is to say a restyled Clio 3, you have to get your hand a little more at the wallet, even if it remains among the most affordable.It is especially that the mileage is higher.Thus for a 2011 model, engine 1.2 16V 75 hp, displayed € 4,000, the counter will display an average of 150,000 km.Sometimes less, but the general state then leaves something to be desired.

The compact cris'Air 1 sedans the cheapest

They are fewer, but they exist, and even at prices that we would not imagine.Of course, mileage is on average more substantial than for city cars, but not that much, and good deals can be found.Did you think that a compact Crit'Air 1 cost at low words € 10,000?Not at all look.

Citroën C4 II

The second generation C4 is one of the most comfortable compacts on the market.Without giving up an effective handling.It is also very habitable, with in particular a chest of large volume.It is also well finished and equipped.And its lack of image on occasion allows you to do good deals.Thus, a Crit'Air 1, 2011 or 2012 thumbnail model, displaying less than 150,000 km, equipped with the petrol engine 1.6 VTI 120 hp is from around € 5,000.The best deals are even 2013 models, displaying less than 120,000 km!Watch out for the distribution chain of this engine, however, there is a potential fragility.

Peugeot 308

The 308 is the counterpart of the Citroën C4 at Peugeot.But more dynamic to drive!And less comfortable suddenly, even if it remains frequentable in this chapter.It is not even more expensive than the compact chevrons and remains one of the most affordable, far from a Volkswagen Golf or a Honda Civic, which are 2,000 € more expensive minimum!There are therefore 2011 copies, 1.6 VTI 120 hp, premium high finish, displaying less than 120,000 km (sometimes less than 100,000 km!), For € 5,500/6,000.With the same reservations on the distribution chain.There should be no metal noise.

Ford Focus 3

Ford is the quality/price/equipment champion.And Focus 3 is no exception to the rule.It is still a little more expensive than its French counterparts, the prices of which pay the price for a harsher competition between sellers.Here, for a 2011 or 2012 model, it will take € 6,000 to € 6,300 for a model 1.6 Ti-Vct 105 or 1.0 Ecoboost 100 hp.The second being to favor in terms of consumption and approval.But it is a little less reliable.In any case the focus is a model of dynamism.A compact very pleasant to drive, and which already benefited from this time many driving aids.

Renault Mégane 3

Definitely, a lot of Renault in this selection.Indeed, it should not be forgotten that the brand is a leader in sales in France, and that its models, many on the second -hand market, are in fact at good prices.You can find models from 2011 to 2013, and even "phase 3" from 2014, in 1.2 TCE 115 or 1.4 TCE 130, displaying less than 70,000 km, for less than € 6,000.The Megane 3 is a self -safe, dynamic, and well equipped car, especially in the widespread bose finish.Its reliability is correct, but beware of the oil consumption of the 1.2 tce.

The cheapest SUVs Crit'Air 1

SUVs are very fashionable.Therefore, they are more expensive than average, and good deals are rarer.But there are sometimes a few pearls, which will also allow you to ride many more years without restrictions.The cheapest are of course urban SUVs, of which here is a selection.

Dacia Duster

In the category, it is the archetype of the good deal.In reality it discounts very slowly, but as its basic price was super affordable, it allows access to the world of the Crit'Air 1 SUV for not too expensive.Indeed, there are models 1.6 16V 105 hp of 2011 or 2012, less than 100,000 km, for around € 6,500.This engine is not a lightning light, it is gluttonous, but at least it is reliable.For a more modern and more efficient engine, the 1.2 tce 125 ch, il faut plutôt envisager un chèque de 8 000 €.For the price, you will have in your hands a fairly rustic low cost SUV but ultimately not so destitute, especially in the winning or prestige finish.

Nissan Juke

The juke was the pioneer of "modern" urban SUVs (we are not talking about the first generations of Jimny or Panda 4x4!).He therefore finds himself in number on occasion, and at attractive prices.A 2012 model, with 1.6 16V 117 hp, displaying around 110,000 km, is exchanged against an average of € 6,500.It is reliable, but its approval is limited.There are actually a couple.But if it is not the performance you are looking for, but an original and offbeat look, it is for you.Be careful, the finish is not at the top either, but the juke ages well.

Peugeot 2008

It is one of the stars of the French market.And its strong presence on the market makes prices lower, and this will be even more the case when the new generation arrives, in a few months, on the second -hand market.

Well finished, very pleasant to drive, dynamic and comfortable, the 2008 also has a good flat loading volume folded down, but the latter is not sliding, as on the Renault Captur.

The first price (they are all Crit'Air 1 anyway), and € 7,500 for a mileage model in accordance with the average, with 1.2 VTI/PureTech 82 hp.Models 1.6 VTI 120 hp and 1.2 PureTech 110 are much more expensive (from € 8,500).Favor a combat or feline finish, better equipped.

Renault Captur

With the 2008, Captur trains the duo at the top of SUV sales in France.It is even he who is in front.Nicely drawn, practical with its sliding bench and removable seats, it sins with a quality of finish lower than that of its competitors.A little more expensive than the 2008, it remains one of the most affordable SUVs on the market respecting our constraint.There are 0 models.9 TCE 90 hp of 2013, displaying 140,000 km on average, for € 7,500.For a little less than kilometers (less than 100,000), you will have to add € 1,000.And for a 1.2 tce 120 ch, c'est 9 000 € environ pour moins de 100 000 km.

Skoda Yeti

Another affordable brand that has released an urban SUV, Skoda.Its Yeti model is also among the cheapest on the market.And as it is less known than its competitors, good deals are on its side.Thus, we can find 2013 models, with fairly powerful engine, such as 1.8 TSI 160 hp, for less than € 7,000!And 1.2 tsi 105 hp, more widespread, will have for the same price sometimes less than 100,000 km, against 140,000 for the most powerful 1.8.

The Yeti is a comfortable, spacious, well -finished, serious SUV, and that ages well.He is a good traveling companion, which we do not think spontaneously, but which is just as homogeneous and interesting as the other selected models.

The cheapest family sedans Crit'Air 1

They are rare and little acclaimed.But we do business!Family models are barely more than city dwellers!Enough to roll comfortably and with space, for cheap, and without fear of the restrictions to come.

Skoda Octavia 2

Another Skoda model, this time in the category of family sedans.Octavia, since it is it that it is, has always been a very affordable family.A smart purchase, as we say.It is spacious, has a huge chest, equipment absolutely on the page.It is even rather well finished, compared to a French or even a German.And the lack of brand image makes the prices cannons.For a second generation model, which has a Crit'Air 1 sticker, prices start at € 4,800.But for an old generation 1 engine.6,105 hp.To have a more modern 1.2 TSI, you have to put at least € 6,000.And around 8,000 € to have less than 80,000 km on the counter.What remains a good deal.

Renault Laguna 3

The Laguna 3 obviously suffers from the poor reputation of the Laguna 2 in terms of reliability.However, this third generation is doing with the honors in this chapter.But the evil is done, and suddenly the odds are low.We can therefore go behind the wheel of a 2010 model (he already respected Crit'Air 1), engine 2.0 16V 145 hp, for less than € 4,500.But you have to get up early and be patient, because the announcements are extremely rare in petrol models, unlike diesel.

The mini capacities, minivans and compact minivans cris'Air 1 the cheapest

A category in total loss of speed, since the advent of SUVs.There are modern models, therefore respecting of course our rule of "Crit'Air 1", and really inexpensive.

Dacia Lodgy

Lodgy, like Duster in the SUV category, is the "floor price" model.It is basic but offers a living and record loading volume!He's a real mover.The equipment, as long as you are already happy to have GPS, radio and electric basic functions, is honest.On the other hand, the sustainable auditory comfort of poor soundproofing.

There are 2013 models, with 1.2 tce 115 ch (dont il faut surveiller la consommation d'huile), affichant en moyenne 140 000 km, pour moins de 5 500 €.

Renault Modus

The modus is a miniPace.Small, but quite clever with a sliding bench and many practical aspects.It is also comfortable, and reliable.For those who want a little more, there are a long "large modus" version.The prices are very low.We can leave behind the wheel of a short model, endowed with 1.2 16V 75 hp, year 2012, less than 100,000 km, for less than € 4,500.For a more versatile 1.2 tce 100, comptez 5 500 €.

Renault Scénic 3

The scenic also is at very affordable prices on occasion, for a Crit'Air 1 model.It must be said that it is very widespread, despite competition from SUVs.It is a very comfortable compact minivan, full of practical aspects, and with independent seats (which must be left to the garage if you want to obtain the maximum trunk volume).But here, for € 5,500 and less, you go behind the wheel of a third generation model, engine 1.2 tce 115/130 ou 1.4 TCE 130, sometimes less than 120,000 km.For € 1,000 more, it will be 2014, which corresponds to the last restyling of this generation, sexier.

Citroën C3 Picasso

Finally, a brand representative with rafters.More discreet, the C3 Picasso is a minister who offers it for his money.It is spacious compared to its size, very comfortable on the road, and quite jovial aesthetically.He is above all very affordable, because he quickly discusss.To be able to access a Crit'Air 1 model in 2011, simply sign a check in the amount of € 4,500.You will then leave with a model 1.4 VTI 95 hp.Certainly not a lightning light, but it is enough to travel without being too busy.