Firefox: Update 91 consolidates respect for the privacy of users
By amk, 02/07/2022

Firefox: Update 91 consolidates respect for the privacy of users

The latest update of the Firefox browser offers a new way to delete cookies and trackers from the visited sites.It also brings some other changes, in addition to correcting hundreds of bugs.

The latest Firefox updates have always brought more benefits for users' privacy, especially when activated "strict" mode.With version 91 of the browser, Firefox continues to go in this direction with the implementation of a tool called "Deletion of improved cookies".

Better management of cookies

Firefox explains that erasure of cookies is not always easy, because the data collected by certain sites can overlap and run from one site to another, especially in the case of encrusted sites.With this new approach, the browser now compartmentalizes cookies according to their origin so that they are not "scattered" and in order to ensure that the latter's deletion is complete.

For it to work, you have to think about activating the "strict" navigation mode in privacy and safety settings.Under this same tab in the category "Cookies and sites of sites", the new data management menu appears by reading the previously visited sites.You can therefore delete all cookies or select the sites you want to clean.

Firefox : la mise à jour 91 consolide le respect de la vie privée des utilisateurs

To go further and delete not only the cookies of a site, but also the navigation history and the data stored by Firefox, just open the "History" menu then right click on the site in questionAnd to select "forget this site".

The default HTTPS

This update brings other small changes such as the passage to the default HTTPS: Firefox will now try to automatically establish a secure connection (HTTPS) with HTTP web addresses.If the site does not support HTTPS, the browser will resume the connection via the classic HTTP protocol.

Firefox integrates Windows SSO

Finally, Firefox 91 is now incorporating Windows SSO (single sign on).This allows it to use the Microsoft account identifiers on the computer to automatically connect to all Microsoft online sites (Office 365, Outlook or PRO account using authentication through Microsoft, for example).You have to activate the option in "privacy and safety", then under the "Identifiers and password" tab.

Mozilla Firefox

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