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How to download music from Spotify? - Mag Mirror

Music streaming services like Spotify put millions of songs at your fingertips, provided you have an internet connection. But if you need to preserve your data or listen to a playlist on the plane or during a commute with lots of dead zones (when we still do that), download these tunes to your device for offline listening.

Spotify Premium users can download up to 10,000 tracks on up to five devices. On the free side, Spotify lets you download podcasts to phones and tablets.

How to download music from Spotify on mobile

On mobile, you can download playlists, albums, or podcasts.

Download albums and playlists on Spotify

The interface is slightly different on Android and iOS, but the process is similar.

Find the album or playlist you want to download. On Android, tap the Download button in the top right; on iOS, tap the down-facing arrow in the top left.

A down arrow will appear below each song in the album; it will turn green when the download is complete. The download time depends on your internet speed.

When you're offline and want to listen, tap Your Library > Music and find your music under Albums or Playlists. If the album or playlist has been downloaded and is available for offline use, you'll see the green arrow pointing down.

If you know you're going to be offline for a while, like on a plane, turn on Offline Mode which will only show you content you've downloaded. On Android, tap Home and the gear icon in the top right, then enable offline mode. On iOS, tap Home > [gear icon] > Reading > Offline.

How to remove albums and playlists from downloads

How to download music from Spotify? - Mirror Mag

If you no longer need offline access or want to free up space on your device, navigate to the album or playlist you want to remove from downloads and simply turn off the Downloaded button (Android) or tap the green downward-facing arrow in the top left and tap Delete in the pop-up window (iOS).

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How to download podcasts on a mobile

Spotify is one of our favorite applications. podcast apps, and it's a handy way to store your music and videos. podcasts all in one place. For offline use, you can either download one-time episodes that you want to borrow, or follow a specific podcast and download episodes as they appear in your library. The process is the same on iOS and Android.

First, do a search or browse to find the podcast you want to listen to. On the podcast page, you can tap the down arrow to download specific episodes immediately. Or tap Follow, which will add new episodes to your library as they're released. You can then download the episodes at your leisure through Your Library > Podcasts > Episodes. Downloaded episodes can be found via Your Library > Podcasts > Downloads.

How to preserve data when downloading on mobile

If you load your phone with a bunch of albums and playlists, you might want to limit those downloads to times when you're on the go. Wi-Fi, so the process doesn't eat into your monthly data allowances. On iOS, go to Home > [gear icon] > Music Quality > Download using cell phone. On Android, it's Home > [gear icon] > Download Using Cellular.

How to download music from Spotify on desktop?

On desktop, Spotify only allows you to download playlists, not albums or podcasts.

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Find the playlist you want to download, and tap the Download button at the top right. Once the download is complete, the message Downloaded will appear. Downloaded playlists will have a green arrow pointing down in the left menu. Click the toggle button again to delete the download.

Pro tip: Go online every 30 days

To prevent users from downloading a bunch of content onto their devices and then canceling their Premium subscriptions, Spotify requires that users connect to the Internet at least once every 30 days. A cellular connection is sufficient. Otherwise, you will lose access to downloaded music and podcasts after a month.