How to free up space quickly on your iPhone
By akademiotoelektronik, 28/07/2022

How to free up space quickly on your iPhone

By Socialnetlink/ 28/01/2022

Do you want to free up space on your iPhone?It is common for the memory of your device to be filled and that it does not happen to continue to use it or to save items.Here is a guide to free up space when you need it.

If it is for an update

Sometimes a new iOS update can be available but these are generally very heavy and if we do not have enough space to install them, we will receive an alert.To update, there is no need to delete space from your device.Simply connect your device to your computer and update by following these steps:

In some cases, the update may force you to delete files before you can be fully installed.For this you can follow the rest of the guide.

What takes up space on my iPhone?

First of all, you need to know what gets space on your iPhone and to do this, just follow a few steps.To do this, go to the iPhone settings.Start settings and select general and search for the iPhone storage option.

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In this option, you can see in detail how much space is occupied, divided in applications, photos, the operating system itself, among others.In this option, just below, the iPhone offers recommendations to free up space, in particular by deleting videos that you consider useless.You can choose certain options to be made automatically, but you may also have to do it manually.We tell you how.

How to free up space on your iPhone

Optimize photos storage

It is common for photographs to occupy a lot of space, which is due to the high quality of the image.If you want to save a lot of photos, it is recommended to check whether the optimization of high -efficiency photos storage is activated.

To do this, open the settings, search for camera and select "formats".Here, we make sure that the capture mode is set to "high efficiency" or heif.On the other hand, in settings, search general and storage and activate the "Optimizing photos" option.This will help you not encounter many space problems.However, if the number of files is high, you will eventually have to free up space.

Save your Cloud photos and videos

Comment libérer de l’espace rapidement sur votre iPhone

The easiest way to free up space on your iPhone if you have a lot of photos or videos and you don't want to delete them is to use the cloud.You may think that Icloud is a good option, but that is not the case, because if you delete the photos from the phone, they will also be deleted from iCloud, so you need another like GooglePhotos, or something similar.This can be a problem because many are invoicing after a certain use of space, so ask yourself if you really need all your photos.

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Save your photos and videos on your computer

This is the most reasonable option.The computer can have more space, which is useful for storing everything.You must first have complete iCloud files on the iPhone, download the photos, then move them, which you can do via Bluetooth.

We recommend that you have an external hard drive, to serve as a backup.

Delete applications or their data

In settings and storage, we can see what are the applications that use the most space.If you do not use them, be sure to delete them, and if you use them, go to each of them and see if you can delete the data they accumulate over time, which will free up space.

On the other hand, in some applications like Netflix, we usually download series episodes, which can be quite heavy.Delete them if you need space.The same goes for Spotify if you have a lot of music downloaded.

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Empty the browser cover

Another option you can make is delete all the data and the browser cover you use, whether safari, chrome, firefox or any other.They all have a similar process, and from their preference menu, you can delete this data.

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