"Rotted spoiled", with Gérard Jugnot, non-English-speaking film most seen on Netflix
By amk, 21/06/2022

"Rotted spoiled", with Gérard Jugnot, non-English-speaking film most seen on Netflix

02/12/2021 13:13 CET

The comedy produced by Nicolas Cuche, with Artus and Camille Lou, was released on September 15 in French dark rooms, accumulating around 400,000 admissions.

CINÉMA - Un carton inattendu. Sorti dans les cinémas français le 15 septembre dernier, et cumulant près de 400.000 entrées, le film Pourris gâtés, avec Gérard Jugnot dans le rôle-titre, connaît actuellement un énorme succès sur Netflix, qui le diffuse à l’international depuis quelques jours.

According to a classification relayed by BFMTV, the comedy produced by Nicolas Cuche has become, after only a weekend, the most watched non-English-speaking feature on the platform with nearly 17.8 million hours seen,Or around 10 million complete views.His pursuer, the Spanish thriller Outlaws, has half less.

“Your international career begins!”.

Rotted spoiled, remake of the Mexican film Nosotros los nobles released in 2013, features a father who made a fortune starting from nothing.Wishing to provoke a click with her daughter (Camille Lou) and his two sons (Artus and Louka Meliava) - who do nothing except spend his money - he decides to make them believe that he is ruined.

La Suite Après Cette Publicité

Joined by the news channel this Thursday, December 2, Gérard Jugnot did not hide his joy: "It's quite crazy to see that the film is a hit in Honduras, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico",-He enthusiastic.“My friend Artus receives lots of messages on Instagram.Many people congratulated him and he didn't understand why!Then we saw the figures and we understood.I told him, take a rental in Los Angeles, your international career begins! ”.

"It's not just Omar Sy"

Very watched in Latin America, spoiled rotten is also in Israel, Morocco and all over Europe (Croatia, Greece, Italy, Portugal) according to BFMTV.A triumph that the actor of the tanned has trouble explaining.

“This is very new this international penetration.I had that with the choristers.But there the film was released four days ago!I don't know why there is this runaway.We knew that the film was pleasant and touched people, but from there that we receive emails from Ecuador and Brazil ... that means that it is a good film ”, hevalued.“People are affected.It is both very funny, quite touching, with a fairly simple message, ”he added.

La Suite Après Cette Publicité

And to conclude: "We got into the habit of seeing films differently, and discovering them differently.On Netflix, I watch Spanish, Mexican films ... things that I would never have watched before.It falls on us, so much the better.It's not just Omar Sy! ".Rotted spoiled, which is no longer playing French dark rooms, will be released on DVD and VOD on January 26.

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