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Orange network broken down this Wednesday on Saint-Pol and surroundings, more than 6,600 impacted households

Unpleasant surprise, for Orange operator customers on Wednesday morning.More laptop or internet network, more landline, due to a "local" breakdown on Saint-Pol and the surrounding municipalities, to Aubigny-en-Artois.At the Orange store on rue des Carmes, several Terresians arrive with their box under their arm, because in the operator's breakdown service, at first, it is explained that it may be a concernlinked to the device and you have to make an exchange.Except that the box is not in question.

In the meantime, "I do how to work, I'm on telework," said this client.Also problem in administrations, companies, shops.

Shortems cut on the site of the Saint-Michel bridge

More than 6,600 households are impacted in the Saint-Pol sector.The operator was alerted to the breakdown around 8 am and the teams were immediately parties to the field to locate the source of the incident.A cut that was finally located in Saint-Michel, on the national road, where work is underway at a bridge, which is being renovated.In fact, with these works, sheaths had to be diverted in aerial for a few meters and a site machine cut those where the cables of the fiber optics pass.

Réseau Orange en panne, ce mercredi, sur Saint-Pol et alentours, plus de 6 600 foyers impactés

It's not just Orange customers who have struggled because other operators (Free, SFR) pass their network in these sheaths.After the work of the "location" teams of Orange, that of the "repair" teams, was able to start at midday.We had to remove a cable over several tens of meters, repair, redo the fiber connections.A careful exercise that requested several hours of intervention.At the end of the afternoon, the situation was restored.

" This is exceptional "

Merchants of this type arrive from time to time on construction sites, generally depriving several hundred internet or telephone households.But more than 6,600 impacted households, "it's exceptional", we explain at Orange.Once a year or even every two years in Hauts-de-France.

In early November, it was the Doullens sector that had been affected (nearly 4,000 private internet households).Ditto in Saint-Laurent-Blangy, for 200 “orange” homes in mid-November.

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