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Phonandroid Whatsapp will no longer work on these smartphones in 2021

WhatsApp will no longer work on certain smartphones in 2021.Next year, the instant messaging application will no longer be compatible with iPhone that runs under a version prior to iOS 9 and smartphones stuck under Android 4.0.2 (or a previous version).We take stock of the models concerned.

Every year, WhatsApp is forced to leave smartphones on the side.In 2019, the messaging application abandoned the support of a billion smartphones, including many Nokia phones and old Android Android terminals.More recently, WhatsApp has abandoned certain old versions of iOS and Android.

While January 2021 is fast approaching, WhatsApp calls on its official website that some iPhone and certain Android smartphones may not function properly with the application.If WhatsApp is already installed on your phone, you can continue to use it as before.However, some features are more likely to function properly over time.

WhatsApp will no longer work with certain versions of iOS and Android

PhonAndroid WhatsApp ne fonctionnera plus sur ces smartphones en 2021

WhatsApp recommends using an iPhone that has at least iOS 9, a version of the mobile OS launched in 2015.Fortunately, most iPhone in circulation runs under a more recent version of iOS.Apple offers software support around 5 years to its devices.In addition, new iOS updates are quickly installed by most users.In the space of 5 weeks, iOS 14, the last update of iOS, had been installed by 46.36% of the devices compatible in circulation.

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Nevertheless, WhatsApp may no longer function properly on some older private iOS 9 iPhone, such as iPhone 4 (and previous models).If you always use an iPhone 5, 5S, or 6, we advise you to quickly install the last update offered by going to the settings of your device.

On the Android side, WhatsApp leaves aside the smartphones which still run on a version prior to Android 4.0.3 Gingerbread.Latest news, less than 0.3% of Android smartphones in circulation worldwide are affected.If this is your case, we will advise you to invest in a new Android smartphone, especially as private updates have risks in terms of IT security.