App which DEBIT - A free collaborative application to test the quality of the mobile internet - Mobile application - UFC -Que Choisir
By amk, 20/09/2022

App which DEBIT - A free collaborative application to test the quality of the mobile internet - Mobile application - UFC -Que Choisir

A free collaborative application to test the quality of the mobile internet

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What speed is a free mobile application that gives the user the possibility to test the quality of its connection to the mobile internet, whether in 3G, 4G or 5G.It also allows, thanks to all of the data collected, to establish aggregated indicators to best clarify consumers on the quality offered by the various mobile operators, but also to raise awareness of the public authorities on the reality of the fracturedigital.

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What speed, how does it work?

Very simply!After downloading the application for free which speed on the App Store or Google Play, launch the application on your smartphone. Une fois l’application chargée, sélectionnez le test que vous souhaitez effectuer (complet ou rapide [1]), lancez-le (2) et regardez-le s’effectuer automatiquement sous vos yeux (3). Une fois le test terminé, la page de résultats s’affiche (4).

Do you want more information on which speed?Here are the details that we can bring to you, in the form of questions and answers.

What is a bit?

What a bit is a mobile application - available on the App Store (Apple) and the Google Play Store - which allows, via a test, to indicate the debit from which you really benefit ... But that's not all!Because this application goes further by allowing you to test not only the performance of your connection (downward speed, amount of amount, latency) but also the quality of certain current uses (viewing of a streaming video, loading of web pages).

Why does the UFC-Que Choisir launch what abit?

Today there are several applications to test the quality of a mobile connection to the Internet.So why launch a new application?Explanations are essential.

These applications offer flow tests and, sometimes, complete tests based on a scenario similar to that adopted by which.That said, they generally adopt the same bias concerning the notation of the test which, in the opinion of the UFC-Que Choisir, does not offer consumers the capacity to best qualify the quality of their connection.

Indeed, this notation is based on an open scale, the encrypted results expanding from 0 to several tens of thousands of points.A consumer will be hard to know if a note of 30,000 points corresponds to a bad connection, average or good.This ignorance of the "value" of the point will also not allow the comparisons between operators to be best apprehended.Will an operator with an average of 22,658 points be 2 times better than another with an average of 11,329 points?More than 2 times better?Less than 2 times better?In other words, the information value linked to a test is far from optimal.

It is to compensate for this difficulty that the UFC-Que Choisir has thought, developed and launched which debit.

What are the specifics of what debit?

What speed has two major specificities.The first is that today, to the knowledge of the UFC-Que Choisir, it is the only application that allows you to obtain a truly qualitative appreciation of your connection to the Internet Internet.Each element studied in the context of simple and complete tests is the subject of a qualitative assessment in the form of a colo meter.

When you carry out a full test, you have information on the general quality of your Internet connection, via a closed rating scale ranging from 0 to 10.This note is calculated on the basis of an algorithm developed by the UFC-Que Choose in order to provide personalized, readable and relevant information.

Appli QuelDébit - A free collaborative application to test the quality of the mobile internet - Application mobile - UFC-Que Choisir

The second specificity of which debit is that it is a participatory application, to two titles.Thanks to the processing of collected data relating to all individual tests carried out, we will first be able to establish a barometer of operators on the basis of all the results obtained by users.This barometer will be published and regularly updated in the Observatory for the quality of the mobile Internet launched by the UFC-Que Choisir.Then, thanks to these results, we will be able to educate public authorities about the reality of the quality of mobile services offered to consumers on the territory.

Why does the application require authorizations when it was first launching?

On iPhone, the authorization request concerns the capacity of the application to geolocate you when operating.You can refuse geolocation.By activating it, however, not only you can benefit from an application functionality (you indicate the history of the premises where you have carried out tests), but in addition you give to which its collaborative dimension.Indeed, to establish its barometer of operators, the UFC-Que Choisir needs to know the places where the tests were carried out.

On Android, in addition to the demand for geolocation, another is made: that of being able to access calls.To use which debit, you must authorize this access.This is a software obligation imposed by Android, so that the application can recognize the technology used during your tests.

Why can the flows displayed by which debit can be different from those displayed by other applications?

This is the consequence of a technical and methodological choice.The test engine used by the application which speed uses monothread and not the multithread.Concretely, the first method reflects the flow to which the user will be concretely right when the second method saturates the line so as to highlight the maximum network capacity.To be as close as possible to the user experience, the choice made by the UFC-Que Choisir has obviously been to choose the Monothread method which, for information, is that until now used by the regulator of the electronic communications sector (Arcep) during its field surveys.

In addition, the UFC-Que Choisodological Choice of considering the average speed resulting from the test, and not the maximum speed observed during the test.Indeed, this choice makes it possible to take into account the capacity of the mobile network to quickly offer its best performance to consumers.

Given these two choices, the flow displayed by which debit could be lower than that presented by other tools, but closer to your user experience.This does not disqualify a tool compared to another.

Why do a full test rather than a quick test?

The interest in carrying out a complete test - performance test (amount amount, downward speed, latency) and services for use of services (video streaming, web page loading) - is that it allows the tester to have theEnd of the cycle of a note to qualify the quality of its mobile connection by taking into account more complete parameters than the only notion of flow.Consequently, for the individual user, the value of the full test can reveal a more marked interest than that of the simple test, the realization of which does not lead to any specific rating.

In addition, the interest of the full test is even more marked in the collective level, because it is mainly on the basis of the results of the complete tests that the UFC-Que Choisir is able to analyze the quality of the mobile networks and thedevelopments of this quality over time.

If you do not want to use the full test (or do it only with sparingly), do not hesitate to do the quick test, which still keeps for you as well as for the UFC-Que Choosing a certain value.

What impact will the test on my mobile data consumption?

This application consumes mobile data (data) which will be deducted from the monthly data envelope usable from your package.By way of illustration, during the application test phase, we noted that on average a test led to an average consumption of:

These are only a question here, based on a low test sample, and actual consumption during a test may exceed these figures.Given the technical characteristics of the test engine, the maximum amount of data used during a test will never exceed 320 MB.At the end of each test, the results page will tell you the volume of mobile data really consumed during the test.

We invite you to confront the amount of data consumed at the monthly envelope you have with your mobile plan and to ensure:

  1. que votre forfait vous permet d’utiliser mois après mois une quantité significative de données ;
  2. de la quantité de données mobiles encore disponible, de telle sorte à vous garantir qu’après l’utilisation du test complet, vous n’atteindrez pas la quantité maximale de votre enveloppe mensuelle de données mobiles. En effet, une fois ce plafond dépassé, vous êtes soit en débit réduit (débit très dégradé vous empêchant d’utiliser l’Internet mobile dans de bonnes conditions) soit en « hors forfait » avec certes un débit non dégradé, mais un coût supplémentaire (rapidement important !) lié à toute utilisation de l’Internet mobile ;
  3. de ne pas utiliser inutilement le test complet. Concrètement, effectuer 3 tests consécutifs dans les mêmes conditions n’aura pas pour l’utilisateur (ni pour l’UFC-Que Choisir) plus de valeur que le fait d’effectuer un unique test. Pourtant, vous consommerez 3 fois plus de données mobiles. Espacez donc plutôt vos tests pour noter dans quelle mesure le changement d’environnement (lieu ou horaire) affecte la qualité de votre connexion mobile.

What data is collected by the application?

The data collected is mostly purely technical and the rare data not being (brand of the phone, for example) do not allow the tester to be identified.Particularly, the IP address (which, if it is complete, can be assimilated to personal data) is only collected in a truncated form, so that it cannot be qualified as personal data.

Can I request the deletion of the data collected?

Yes.In the "Settings" tab of the application, you will find a unique Uuid number.If you wish to delete data collected, you can formulate your request by specifying this unique number to the data protection delegate (DPO) of the UFC-Que Choosing:

Please note: the unique identifier is generated randomly at the time of installing the application.If you delete then reinstall the application, you will have a new identifier and lose the previous one.

What about the property and the use of the data collected?

The UFC-Que Choisir Share the property of the data collected via its application with its Qosi technical service provider, which is based in France and recognized for its expertise, as evidenced by the fact that it works regularly with the regulatory authorityElectronic communications (ARCEP).The fact that the UFC-Que Choisir Share this property of the data with QOSI allows the UFC-Que Choisir to be able to benefit from its own data collected by QOSI.This is an important element, since this allows UFC-Que Choisir to operate numerous data contributing to the development of a statistically reliable barometer.

Given this condominium of data, Qosi can therefore use the technical results of the tests carried out via which debit for its own analyzes on the quality of mobile networks (with a methodology being clean, and therefore not engaging the UFC-Que Choisir)).In addition, Qosi has the ability to exploit the data collected via what abish for commercial purposes with third parties.If it were to be achieved, this faculty would however be without negative impact for users of the application which debit due to the technical nature of the data collected (see above).No personal data is not substantial concerned by this condominium of data.

The UFC-Que Choisir agrees to resell the data collected to any third party.

Can I use the application by being connected to Wi-Fi?

Yes.Which DEBIT also allows you to test the quality of your connection to the fixed Internet via Wi-Fi.You will have, as for tests carried out on mobile networks, technical indicators linked to tests (flows, loading time of web pages, etc.).

Note that this tool specifically aims to establish an inventory of the quality of the mobile internet, and that consequently, the UFC-Que Choisir does not plan to operate the data collected during Wi-Fi tests.

This application being free, how is it funded?

The Application which Debit can be used free of charge by consumers, like all applications offered by the UFC-Que Choosing Funding Fund.

This structure, which aims to finance projects of general interest at the service of all consumers, has resources exclusively from donations from individuals as well as a financial competition from our association.

Also, if you are satisfied with which debit and wish to support our ambition to develop and offer free of charge the decryption tools of tomorrow, do not hesitate to participate by making a donation to our funding fund.

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