By akademiotoelektronik, 04/03/2023

Sanitary pass: It is now possible to have your QR code deactivate in the event of usurpation

An email and a phone number have been made available to all owners of health pass who wish to deactivate it to obtain a new one.

Have you mistakenly shared your health pass on social networks, or suspect that it is used Fraudulently?Like Emmanuel Macron and Jean Castex, you can now have it canceled to generate another.

On Twitter, the Official Account of the Application All Anticovid announces that it is possible to report its QR code, if it is usurped, to the official support.To do this, two solutions are offered: a call on 0 800 08 71 48 or the sending of an email to the revocation-sanentity@health address.gouv.Fr.

This September 24, the system did not seem to be fully operational.BFMTV contacted the telephone support twice.Each time, it has been specified that contrary to what is written on Twitter, the operation is not yet possible.An email was also sent to the communicated address to assess the nature of the procedure.

Soon an automated procedure

Pass sanitaire: il est désormais possible de faire désactiver son QR Code en cas d'usurpation

On paper, this novelty could however provide a solution so far nonexistent in the event of the usurpation of QR code.Other solutions, faster, should also emerge, entrusted a ministerial source to BFMTV on September 21.

Among the possible hypotheses, the possibility of deactivating your QR code yourself on the certificate-vaccin site.ameli.Fr ou auprès de tout professionnel de santé.

Contacted by BFMTV, the National Commission for Data Protection (CNIL) confirms that such operations would be compatible with current legislation.

Load to the support of all anticovid, by email as by phone, to ensure the identity of the person who requests. Raphaël Grably Chef de service BFM tech