Zoom on the most anticipated smartphones of 2021 |SFR Actus
By akademiotoelektronik, 16/03/2023

Zoom on the most anticipated smartphones of 2021 |SFR Actus

After a particularly flourishing year 2020 in the department of mobile telephony, which now has in store for the major brands of the industry?Here are some smartphones that should in turn win on the market in this new year.

Samsung Galaxy S21, the essential future

We open the ball with the leader in mobile industry.Because we know it, in just a few days, Samsung will lift the veil on its new flagship: the long -awaited Galaxy S21.After hitting its predecessor in 2020, the Korean manufacturer should still strike hard on the mobile market with this new high -end model.First thanks to a latest generation processor, which should doubt be at the heart of the precious - whether it is a Snapdragon 888 or an exynos 2100 homemade, depending on the region.Then its screen promises to be at least as good as that of the Galaxy S20, with assets all the more premium reserved for the ultra version (the murmurs evoke a 6.8 -inch XXL size, a WQHD+definition, a rate ofRefreshment adaptable from 1 to 120 Hz, a brightness of 1,600 nits, etc.).Its camera module, with a redesigned design, should for its part be composed of a triple sensor on the S21 and S21+ models and four objectives on the Ultra (including one again 108 MPXL).Then the big novelty, according to the rumors in any case, is that this new version of the Galaxy S range could be compatible with the famous S-PEN stylus of Samsung.And the other little surprise, if we always believe the noises of corridors, it is that despite all this the new flagship of the brand would be less expensive than its predecessor ... Meet on January 14 to have thema pure heart !

Samsung's next foldable smartphones

We stay in the Korean giant, knowing full well that this Galaxy S21 will be far from being the only smartphone that will come out of its factories in 2021.A real steamroller, Samsung is used to flood the trade of several mobiles each year.While it is not only in the high -end, also meeting the needs of the smallest portfolios with its Galaxy A or Galaxy M series, the manufacturer has notably imposed itself as undeniable leader in the foldable smartphones market.A niche for the moment, given the prices charged, but that the world of tech looks closely for the innovations it brings.And after having been talked about a lot with her Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2 in 2020, the brand would prepare to reveal several folding models in 2021.Probably starting with a Galaxy Z Fold 3, announced thinner and lighter than its predecessor.Some also evoke a Galaxy Z Fold S and/or a Galaxy Z Fold Lite ... but what nourishes rumors all the more is the arrival of a future Galaxy Z Flip, a number 2 (or 3) or a Lite version, even a priori more affordable than the previous one.The long -term objective of Samsung, which would explain both price reductions and the multiplication of models, being to democratize this format of foldable smartphone and impose itself, of course, as the reference in the matter.It's pretty good for ...

The Xiaomi Mi 11, for very soon

Now place a smartphone that should soon land on the shelves.Quite simply because it has already been formalized!This is the Mi 11, which Xiaomi indeed presented to the world on December 28.After the resounding success of its predecessor, the next flagship of the Chinese brand promises to be even more amazing.His technical sheet reveals that it is he, even before the Samsung Galaxy S21, which will inaugurate the news and omnipotence of snapdragon 888 chips.Which will of course support 5G and will be coupled with a RAM of 8 to 12 GB, a storage space from 128 to 256 GB, and a battery of 4,600 mAh.Then, the Mi 11 screen should also be of very good quality, with an amoled slab of 6.81 inch please, with a WQHD+definition, a 120 Hz refresh rate (with 480Hz sampling rate) and a brightness of 1,500 nits.And it is also its camera that promises wonders: a triple sensor made up of a main lens of 108 Mpxl, an ultra-angle of 13 mxpl and a mpxl macro.Here is a smartphone that promises to be high, knowing above all that Xiaomi, the king of excellent value for money, will certainly strike a big blow on the mobile market by marketing his high-end at a lower price.We do not yet know what cost it will display in France, but if we are based on the prices announced in China, we can expect something around 500 to 600 euros depending on the model (normal or pro)).See you soon to find out!

The iPhone 13, of race

Zoom sur les smartphones les plus attendus de 2021 | SFR ACTUS

Well, that one, we know that we will have to wait several months before seeing him appear on the shelves.After all, the iPhone 12 has just been released ... The fact remains that its successor is already on everyone's lips, and if it is still far too early to be able to assert with certainty what its characteristics will be, the first whispers present to us a few howevertracks.Especially on details that some people regretted not seeing the latest smartphone stamped Apple.Namely the question of the notch, which we hope at least finer (while the competition has passed in the punch for a long time ... and already imagines other solutions for an invisible front camera), that of the rate of refreshment ofThe screen too, which could finally go from 60 Hz to 120 Hz, or storage space, now limited to 512 GB but which could ultimately be brought to 1 to 1 to.While some also speak of the return of the Touch ID, the fingerprint reader which would this time be discreetly housed under the screen, we also expect to see especially some improvements in the camera module.Integration of the Lidar scanner on the entire range, 8K video recording, a greater opening coupled with a six-element lens system on the ultra-wide-angle sensor of pro versions ... So many rumors that run on this subject.Will they all be proven?We will still have to be patient to find out, the iPhone 13 does not a priori point the nose before the next school year.

Google Pixel 5A, the affordable photophone

For a few years now, Google has managed to have a nice little place on the mobile market, thanks to slightly lower -end smartphones, and above all cheaper, which do not skimp on one of the most important criteriaNowadays: the photo.Its pixel are also fairly renowned in the very specific field of photophones, the fifth of the name having thus charmed criticism, in particular thanks to the quality of its shots-a quality largely due to work in post-production of algorithms of the giant of theSilicon Valley.So the eyes have become the habit of turning to Google to see what it still concocts us in the radius of more affordable smartphones.And this year, it is naturally the "light" version of the Pixel 5 that we expect to discover, as was the case with its predecessors.The so -called Pixel 5a is indeed beginning to be talked about, with a few first elements of his technical sheet mentioned here and there: a mid -range Soc Snapdragon 750g, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage storage.While we also hear the corridor noises announce an exit around April or May next, there is another (somewhat surprising) rumor who recently made noise on the web: this Pixel 5A could be partFirst smartphones to adopt invisible camera technology, to offer a screen that absolutely covers its entire surface.A rumor which however seems a little too beautiful to be true ...

The most powerful Oppo Find X3 Pro?

In 2020, a Chinese brand called neither Xiaomi nor Huawei (which has experienced difficulties since Google services have been deprived) has also pointed out in the mobile phone sector.It is called Oppo and owes its success last year to its famous Find X2 series, the pro version of it having even seen elected "the most successful" smartphone of the year by some 61 international media, C'is to say.Also we naturally turn to her too today, and more particularly towards the successor of his flagship model: Find X3 Pro.According to information reported by a renowned Leaker, Evan Blass, it should display the same 6.7-inch screen, with another 120 Hz cooling rate, but this time adaptive.

The real new products would be both inside the device, with a Snapdragon 888 (still him), and at the same time on the back, with no triple but a quadruple photo sensor.Which would be made up of two high-angle and ultra-angle objectives signed Sony of 50 mpxl, a 13 mpxl telephoto lens, as well as a 3 mpxl macro.It promises.And you know what ?It is rumored that this Oppo Find X3 Pro would be no more and no less than the most powerful smartphone on the market ... It is a benchmark relayed by another well -known leaker in the middle, Ice Universe, who says it.We should be able to judge soon, its formalization being expected soon, for a marketing which should follow during the first quarter according to the experts.

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Stay connected to SFR Actus, we will not fail to keep you informed of new information on these different flagships.And while waiting to see them arrive in store, you can always find their predecessors at SFR! Sources: Frandroid, Xiaomi, Clubic, Phonandroid

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