A nude of Picasso discovered then recreated thanks to artificial intelligence
By amk, 22/09/2022

A nude of Picasso discovered then recreated thanks to artificial intelligence

Before becoming famous, Pablo Picasso did not always have the money necessary to buy equipment.Like other artists in difficulty, he painted on existing canvases to create new works, thus hiding previous images.

One of these paintings, hidden under another for more than a century, has regained new life thanks to AI.

It is a painting representing a naked woman, nicknamed "The Loneome Crouching Nude".In 2010, X -rays revealed that she was hiding under the "blind meal" of 1903, considered one of the most important works of the artist's blue period.During this period, he produced dark monochrome works in blue and blue-green shades, with occasional touches of hot tones like rust or gold.

Picasso painted the naked woman crouching in these tones characteristic of the blue period, as proves a faithful reproduction in actual size and in color.She is exhibited until Sunday at the first "Deeep Ai Art Fair" by the Morf Gallery, based in London, which is described as a futuristic online gallery presenting works of art in limited edition.

Artificial intelligence in action

Un nu de Picasso découvert puis recréé grâce à l’intelligence artificielle

Researchers from the University College London recreated the painting using an original algorithm that studied dozens of Picasso paintings and trained in the style of the Spanish artist.

"It is quite strange to see the brush strokes, the colors and the way in which the lights are reflected on the work," said George Cann, one of the two UCL doctorate researchers who brought back tolife The work of the 20th century with modern tools."It's a magnificent piece".

M.Cann and his colleague Anthony Bourached de l'UCL created a system to reproduce the works of art that have been covered with painting.The tools include X -ray and/or infrared images to reveal the hidden work;A neural network that can reproduce the work after studying the artist's style;an altimetric map for elevation modeling;and a 3D printer to print a textured part.Cann and Bourached have baptized their initiative to reconstruction of works of art Oxia palus, and applied it to works such as another hidden Picasso, the lost woman, as well as a modigliani.

The squatting nude is not the first hidden table of the Picasso blue period to be revealed.In 2014, infrared imagery unveiled the portrait of a bearded man under another work of the blue period, the blue chamber, which represents a woman bathing.

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