How to integrate a chatbot into your website - BDM
By amk, 20/02/2022

How to integrate a chatbot into your website - BDM

Chatbots help to optimize customer relations and satisfaction. © Visual Generation -

A chatbot is a real asset for offering and establishing a new experience of exchanges with users and customers. The objective: to deepen the relationship with customers and optimize their satisfaction. There are different types of chatbots and several options for integrating live chat into your website or social media.

The different types of chatbots

There are three types of chatbot:

These different types of chatbots address several issues. Thus integrating an online chat on its website can be used to:

How to create a chatbot for your website or social networks

Some tools offer different predefined online chat templates based on business needs, which can be customized. These solutions make it easy to configure a chatbot and save time for marketing teams because its use does not require special technical knowledge.

Tools such as Botnation, dydu or Botstar offer to set up a chatbot that answers the most frequently asked questions, allows you to make appointments or even welcome your visitors. From these platforms, it is also possible to configure a chatbot for social networks such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

Note: most of these tools are generally paid, but some offer free versions with limited functionality or trial versions to test the solution.

The best tools to create a chatbot

Botnation.aiA chatbot software with various modelsdyduA reference for creating chatbotsBotStarA solution for creating chatbots and managing live chatsSee all Chatbot tools

The main features of chatbot creation tools

With the above solutions that make it easy to create chatbots, you have the ability to:

Create your chatbot using APIs

Some online chat providers offer to create your own chatbot using open APIs. These offer the possibility of connecting your online chat to NLP solutions allowing the integration of AI to optimize the conversational experience, or even provide access to a library of programming languages. This option allows you to develop a fully configured chatbot as you wish and, for this, requires the use of developers who have the necessary technical skills.

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