First dive into the gameplay of Aliens: Fireteam
By amk, 10/04/2022

First dive into the gameplay of Aliens: Fireteam


25 minutes with the developers

By Jarod( @__steeve__),

Aliens: Fireteam Elite TPSAugust 24, 2021 Franchise: Alien

In production for years at Cold Iron Studios, the co-op TPS Aliens: Fireteam was recently unveiled for release this summer on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and PC. Respectively CEO and creative director of the studio, Craig Zinkievich and Matt Highison joined a journalist from the IGN site to present a good dose of gameplay.

Whether you go with friends or accompanied by bots, you will always have to form a team of 3 marines before venturing into the corridors of the USS Endeavor ship. Each of the 5 classes has its own arsenal but also a pair of special abilities that need a cooldown after use. The developers' goal is for the classes to really stand out from each other so that each player feels invested in a very specific role. In any case, a marine carries two main weapons but also a third backup location and the traditional grenades, knowing that we can count on boxes of ammunition on the way.

The menu consists of 4 campaigns each comprising 3 missions. We evolve on known ground with a progression interspersed with defensive phases where you have to maintain your position by resisting waves of aliens with the help of strategically positioned automatic turrets. As in most games of the genre, you can also raise an ally on the ground by approaching him for a few seconds. The biggest surprise here ultimately comes from the identity of the composer, namely Austin Wintory (Journey, Abzû, The Banner Saga, Assassin's Creed Syndicate, The Pathless) who turns out to be a big fan of Alien.

Aliens: Fireteam is based on a complete progression system that evolves classes and weapons, representatives of Cold Iron Studios also recalling that they have experience in RPGs. There is also a system of challenge cards that act as gameplay modifiers, which is reminiscent of the intentions of Back 4 Blood, also announced for this summer. Example given, one of these cards will make enemies immune to all attacks except headshots. In return for such a handicap, players will receive more rewards and experience. Finally, note the presence of 5 difficulty modes that will vary the number of enemies, the severity of the damage received or the amount of resources. On high difficulty, players will also have to watch out for collateral damage from friendly fire.

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Première plongée dans le gameplay d'Aliens : Fireteam

Cold Iron Studios

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The trailer of the day

Did it interest you? Here it is again!

I understand what you mean, a sort of passive nihilism in short. Nevertheless, I consider that it is indeed the hardships she endures (the only survivor, condemned) that actively transforms her and not the insalubrity of the prison and its residents. deranged. Her interest is always focused on the aliens (Newt's autopsy, eradication of the loose specimen and the Queen within her) rather than moping around in fruitless desperation looking for an escape.

Just as the nihilism that seems to reign over the prison is only a facade by the isolation of social cases counterbalanced by the rules of prison life and the spiritual faith more or less accepted by the different individuals. » a chance for redemption and new rules of value is a bulwark of inner emptiness for the prisoners who founded/joined the religious group.

Yes, see the film again. Her sacrifice is obligatory according to her scale of worth and the events that occurred, not a nihilism / reality check balance. She had to be rescued no matter what, the only survivor of the Sulaco (parallel to the events Nostromo and the death of his daughter), so it was a simple matter of time to rejoin "civilization" and start mourning and rebuilding in better conditions.

Problem: she is infected. The rescue is no longer one and this leads to other questions than her own life/reality. One way or another she will die (either as a test subject, or as a means of incubation, or as a martyr, or ODT, etc.) but we know very well (Ripley as spectators) that only the sacrifice is the best way to end it.

As for "offering those who help him the possibility of regaining control through death", I am divided on the question. that before it was faith that served as a mortar, now it's more fear) but also with the help of the preacher who seems to have a certain hold on the different consciences.

And what's more, all of this is ephemeral: the alien killed, Ripley committed suicide, the only survivor leaves in chains for certainly a new prison. the saga. All wrapped in a grimy, heavy and dark atmosphere but without the disturbing and viscous aspect that remains in our head.

Like the hybrid of Alien 4, which makes you think about the condition of being alive...