Netflix: Here are the best movies of all time according to you, Cnet and the media
By akademiotoelektronik, 07/09/2022

Netflix: Here are the best movies of all time according to you, Cnet and the media

We updated this selection on 10/01 with our choices of films from the month of January 2022.

On Netflix, there are the original films, the original series, the series whose platform has obtained the diffusion rights ... but also a string of feature films bought to garnish its catalog.This is the latter that we are going to talk about in this paper.Even if there are fewer and fewer, increased competition in the subscription streaming sector (SVOD) obliges, there are still many classics and other chips on Netflix.

We have therefore decided to compile the best feature films, according to several criteria explained a little lower.If, moreover, the desire takes you to discuss the laureates of the month or to make us suggestions, do not hesitate to comment here or on the social networks of CNET France.

En janvier, Men In Black et Taxi Driver sont les choix de la rédaction de CNET.Zodiac is the elected representative of criticism, when alone in the world has the favors of spectators.

1.One of the best films for the editorial staff of CNET France

Men in Black: gendarmes and extraterrestrials


Responsible for protecting the land from any extraterrestrial offense and regulating intergalactic immigration on our planet, the men in black operate in the greatest secrecy.Recently separated from his old partner, returned to civilian life without any memory of his life as a man in black, K, the most experienced of Mib agents decides to train J, a young policeman.Together, they will afraid a new threat: Edgar Le Cafard…

CNET France's opinion

What if the land was only a place of immigration like any other, and the fight against the extraterrestrial threat to a civil servant work?It is the postulate of Men in Black, adventure at the crossroads of science fiction, the police film and the buddy movie, which brings a comic and unique variation to the history seen and revised of humanity in front of the threatextraterrestrial.

Adapted from Lowell Cunningham's comics published in the early 90s, Barry Sonnenfeld's film (The Addams family, Wild Wild West) stands out of the rest of the parodies thanks to its playful and inventive staging, and its skilful managementcomic rhythm.The universe of Men in Black thus has the whole place to develop its quirky tone in scenes of diabolical efficiency, like that of the Entrance test of Will Smith in the famous men in black.

Of course, the film works mainly thanks to its main pair, as great as it is mismatched.The seriousness of Tommy Lee Jones, accustomed to the roles of grumpy and winner of an Oscar for the fugitive, contrasts wonderfully with the comic energy of Will Smith, then rising star of cinema with independence day.A tasty duo of generations which offers as many funny scenes as real touching moments, as rare as powerful.

Netflix : voici les meilleurs films de tous les temps selon vous, CNET et les médias

Thanks to its quirky universe, its gallery of characters (humans or extraterrestrials) brilliant and inspired, and its skillful mixture of humor, action and sweet science fiction, Men in Black is a sure value of quality entertainment, and a film to be rediscovered without further delay.

2.Another reference film for CNET France

Taxi Driver: Bob the driver


Travis Bickle, a young man from the midwest and former navy, is a night taxi driver in New York.Insomniac and lonely, he meets Betsy, an assistant from Senator Charles Palantine, presidential candidate, but she pushes him back after he took him to see a pornographic film.Faced with the violence and perversion of the New York night, he buys weapons from the black market and trains to handle them.

CNET France's opinion

Palme d'Or of the 1976 Cannes Film Festival, Demonstration of the flamboyant talent of Robert de Niro and crucial film in the career of the Grand Martin Scorsese (he had notably made Mean Streets before), Taxi Driver is obviously a classic of cinema.

Both a real dive into the disturbed spirit of a man - Travis Bickle -, and a state of de facto the treatment of veterans of the Vietnam War, the film depicts an American generation in full doubt, which needs to becreate new heroes.

Love letter to the city of New York, the film is an extraordinary visual experience, offering hypnotizing night trips, nimpted by the sublime music of Bernard Herrmann (cold sweats, death at the kits).Scorsese's camera is that scrutinizing and nervous, dreamer and thoughtful eye of a bickle travis on the razor thread.

The character is embodied wonderfully by Robert de Niro, who finds here the emblematic role of his career, and cult scenes that have remained in the memories ("Is it me that you speak?").Study of the spirit of a tortured man, portrait of an ambivalent city, criticism of an America in full confusion...Taxi Driver is a great marker of his time, and a huge very short, to be discovered absolutely.

3.The best feature film according to press reviews

Zodiac: in the head of a serial killer


The zodiac was a mysterious and elusive serial killer who raged in the San Francisco region in the late 1960s, and who is responsible for the murder of 37 people.The film follows three men who, for more than ten years, were determined to discover his identity and put an end to his actions.

CNET France's opinion

Basic, Zodiac already has all the elements of a great film: its director, David Fincher (Seven, Fight Club), his five -star cast (Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Downey Jr., Mark Ruffalo) and a plot based on a fascinating and bloody true story.

Even if good ingredients do not necessarily make a good dish, let us reassure you immediately: Zodiac is a real masterpiece.His tense and enigmatic police investigation, in the dark and misty atmosphere of a more disturbing San Francisco than ever gives an exceptional mastery result.In the end, Zodiac is simply one of the best films of the 21st century.

If he still needed to prove anything, David Fincher shows that he is one of the great masters of the genre.He sets his relentless look one of the great American trauma by attacking one of his most enigmatic serial killers in history, whose identity is still unknown 50 years after the facts.

A great modern thriller, and a huge film simply, that the editorial staff of CNET France highly recommends you.

4.The best film according to Internet users

Alone in the world: no man is an island


Chuck Noland, a Fedex executive, is caught in an airplane crash by flying over the Pacific.He agreed on a desert island.The days go by and no help is in sight.He will have to learn to survive alone on the island, hanging on the hope of seeing the love of his life, his partner Kelly.

CNET France's opinion

Between the films forrest Gump and the Express pole, the duo Tom Hanks and Robert Zemeckis produced in the year 2000 another nugget of the cinema.A great story of human adventure, taking and comforting: alone in the world.

What starts as a great melodrama, telling the love between Chuck and Kelly (the formidable Helen Hunt), quickly switches to a story of survival and resilience, where Tom Hanks finds himself alone (and on his island) for near90 minutes.

The opportunity for a new high -flying performance for the American actor of Philadelphia and Apollo 13, who delivers one of his best performances and carries the whole film on his shoulders...with success !

Taking up the fantasized story of Robinson Crusoe, Robert Zemeckis and the screenwriter Williams Broyles Jr.give it a contemporary look, referring to our current ultra-connected and omnipotent consumer society, in which the human remains the essential.

Alone in the world is this great solitary and introspective adventure film, and this timeless powerful fable on resilience and human will which will undoubtedly tear you a few tears.A powerful movie movie to see or review absolutely.

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