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Honor Band 6: The Ultimate Review

Honor Band 6: The Ultimate Review

If you are unfamiliar with the Honor brand, now is the time to learn more about it. Honor has built a reputation for providing high-quality devices with innovative features and excellent efficiency. With the debut of the Honor Band 6, they are continuing the legacy of their successful smart band series. This article will go through the gadget’s designs, performance, new features, and more so you may use it as a reference while searching for a new smart wearable.

The Newest Honor Band 6

In recognition of their breakthrough, they’ve created the Honor Band 6, which they claim is the most advanced fitness band to date. Honor Band 6 is a fitness band that tracks your everyday activities and helps you improve your lifestyle, much like its predecessors. Let’s review why is it better than any other band of Honor. 

Enlarge Screen Display

The Honor Band 6 is the first smart band in its class to feature a 1.47″ (H) x 176 x (W) pixels AMOLED display. The screen is enclosed in a metal body and surrounded by a 2.5D curved glass display, providing a seamless visual experience and smooth touch receptiveness. 


Its design makes it more of a comfortable and classy look on your body than an extravagant one. With a weight of only 18 grams, it feels lightweight on the wrist. The sides of the screens are surrounded by a black bezel. Similarly, the strap is lengthy quite to fit all wrist sizes. It comes in three colors: meteorite black, sandstone grey, and coral pink, depending on your preference.

Battery Performance

Honor is known for offering high-quality batteries that endure for a long time. The Honor Band 6 inherits this feature, as it has been upgraded to include a magnetic quick charging capability. The typical charging time is 10 minutes, which assures that the device will remain on standby for three days. Honor Band 6 can be recommended for active consumers, on-the-go activities, and heavy usage. 

Health Features

Blood Oxygen Level-The blood oxygen level is one of the most fundamental statistics and an indicator of total body condition, as we all know. Good thing is, Honor Band 6 combines enhanced optic equipment and advanced algorithms to guarantee accurate blood oxygen level detection throughout the day.

Heart Rate-When it comes to heart rate monitoring, the Honor Band 6 features an innovative feature for that as well. This smart band can detect irregular heartbeats and send cautions owing to TruSeenTM 4.0 technology. It keeps track of the present condition and notifies the user if anything is out of the ordinary. Note that the tracking is 24 hours per day which means you can rely on this smart band all day. 

Sleep Monitor-The Honor Band 6 is an excellent nighttime companion. It delivers professional sleep improvement ideas, monitors resting phases, and detects serious sleeping difficulties using TruSleep newest software and analyzing sleep patterns. It also suggests personalized sleep solutions encourage a person in getting a good night’s sleep. This is really beneficial for people who are suffering from insomnia or other associated issues.

Female Cycle Tracker-This is where they make their mark. Honor Band 6 takes into account all genders, particularly a woman’s cyclical period. It keeps track of ovulation, fertile, and menstrual periods, allowing every woman to plan and adapt her activities.

Work-Out Modes-Since the Honor Band 6 is a fitness tracker, it emphasizes a broad range of 95 workout modes for tracking your physical activity and professional workout modes. They maintain track of your chosen activity while monitoring your fundamental bodily parameters.

Band 6 Price

If you are looking for a smart band that is budget-wise but contains smart and well-developed features, Honor Band 6 is just right for you. Its price starts from $50-$60. We could say that this is definitely worthy of your purchase.

If you own an Honor smartphone and are searching for an excellent activity tracker to go with it, the Honor Band 6 is the finest option. Even if you aren’t seeking a fitness tracker, this band will suit your preferences. This remarkable piece of technology comes packed with many functions that are completely out of your imagination for a starting price of $50 dollars. Happy Purchasing!