Speech by Prime Minister Jean Castex - Inauguration of Parisanté Campus
By akademiotoelektronik, 30/07/2022

Speech by Prime Minister Jean Castex - Inauguration of Parisanté Campus

Ladies and Gentlemen, Ministers,

Ladies and gentlemen, parliamentarians,

Mr. Mayor of Issy-les-Moulineaux,

Ladies and Gentlemen, elected officials,

Mr. Region Prefect,

Ladies and gentlemen, the founding members of Parisanté Campus, each in your titles, grades and qualities,

Ladies and gentlemen the members of the 2030 Health Innovation Planning Committee which has just met,

Ladies and gentlemen,

I am used to saying, that when a country is faced with a health crisis but not only, of the extent of the one it goes through, that we are going through, that the world crosses, we have two major missions that'we must lead jointly.

The first is of course to face, to treat, to take all the various and varied measures in the health level, economic, socially imposed that the situation imposes.To face.France faces.You have to hang on, you have to hold.We must continue to be responsible and vigilant together.But whatever, dear Olivier, the energy that this mission requires to us, whatever the importance of the concerns it causes for our fellow citizens, we have at the same time another duty, it is to shoot at mostquickly the more structural consequences, the more fundamental lessons that this crisis calls and highlights.

For our health system, God knows if there are.And we worked: the government of the Republic, the Parliament, all the actors.There is all the human aspect: staff, caregivers, the non -carers to whom we owe so much, all you know is the segur of health that tried to provide answers in terms of means,in terms of organization.There is the investment component that we are illustrating.I was at the end of last week at the Strasbourg University Hospital, yesterday at that of Marseille.

The nation will consent considerable investments, 19 billion on this 10 -year component.He needs it.And then, we have the whole component, and I cannot prioritize them, which relates to this set that is called innovation, health research.It is obviously just as fundamental, because the country has seen that France, country of pastor, said Professor Antoine Tesnière which I warmly salute, country which has accused, it must be said for many years, a delayscientist, a delay in innovation that has been brutally revealed, updated by the health crisis.

And if I start by taking this example of vaccines that obviously, all the specialists here gathered know by heart, it is because he struck our public opinion.France, country of pastor, is not in the race for the vaccine.What a symbol!And even if we hope of course to reverse this of course, it was a very strong call for the public authorities on the state of our health innovation system.Because this failure obviously threatened our place in the scientific world at the same time as our independence and therefore our sovereignty.That, our fellow citizens, even if they are not specialists in these subjects as you are, they have understood perfectly.

So, in reality, my dear friends, we should not either know these subjects, which we pretend to be completely surprised by this situation.For many years, the research budget allocated to the life sciences, you know, you know, a continuous drop, while the same budget devoted to research in health biology has increased by 11 % in Germany between 2011and 2018, 16 % in the United Kingdom over the same period to cite two examples.When he dropped with us 28 %.The result did not have long been waiting, out of 76 biomedications sold in Europe, 21 are in Germany, 12 in Italy, and only 5 in France.

So, if we let things evolve in this way, France, within 10 years, will only be a market for foreign medicines and medical devices and a talent machine for American, English companiesor Chinese.Sorry to say it so crudely, but I fear that it is reality.And this seems all the more incomprehensible since our academic research is internationally recognized, and that it is not the talents that are missing in our universities, in our research laboratories, whether public or private.

Yes, France is a great scientific nation, and it is imperative that it remains.It was obviously necessary, and if you pass this formula to me, it is one of the beneficial effects of this crisis.It was necessary to reverse the trend, it was necessary a political awareness, and a reaction of the government, and beyond the President of the Republic himself.We have done, I say here, health industries, a major axis, dear Agnès, of our economic and industrial policy.

From 2018, there was the CICE and strong measures such as early access, but also the implementation of the digital health agency.The reality is that the health crisis requires us to accelerate, and the President of the Republic, Antoine recalled it, decided to place scientific and industrial innovation at the heart of the Ségur de la santé, the France planRelaunch, and of the France 2030 plan.Regarding the segur, nearly 2 billion euros were planned for digital health, I will come back.

With France Rangement, 166 projects were supported for an amount of aid of 683 million euros, and an overall investment amount of 1 billion 400 million.It is completely unprecedented at this height in this sector.And beyond France relaunches, it is a real transformation of our system, our research and our pharmaceutical industry that the 2030 Health Innovation Plan invites us thanks to the 7 billion euros that will be invested within 5 years, for our research, our industries, our companies and especially for our patients.To become attractive again, to produce innovative treatments, to ensure the security of supply of more mature products such as paracetamol, that very concretely, we started to relocate, as I could see myself in Agen, at UPSA, or at Seqens in Isère.

Discours du Premier ministre Jean Castex - Inauguration de PariSanté Campus

In Isère, that does something, you know, when you go to a business or on a vacant lot, we explain that here was the building in which we produced this product.It was more than 10 years ago, relocated to the Southeast Asia.More than 10 years, it is not so old for that there are not yet workers and workers who had participated in the production when it was located with us.And we went together a few hundred meters on the site of the future production unit financed by France Relance, which symbolizes this relocation with 5 times more production than there was before.What a beautiful symbol!So these 7 billion euros are obviously new means, I say, put at the service of research and innovation.It must be clear for everyone that they will be added to the usual budget.

This plan, as you know, is distributed first in strengthening our biomedical research capacity.1 billion euros to which are added priority research programs, for example I insist, in the field of mental health.2 billion euros invested in the 3 areas of tomorrow: 800 million to develop biotherapies in one field, I tell you, where today we are providing ourselves 95 % abroad;650 million euros to bring out French champions from digital medicine;750 million euros to prepare for emerging infectious diseases each time research programs, innovation and industrial projects.2 billion euros to accelerate the growth of “start-ups” and breaking innovation via a strengthening of Bpifrance's investment;1.5 billion euros to support industrial investment thanks to calls for projects.

And I insist there, since Professor Tesnière alluded to the French Presidency of the European Union, European coordination will be reinforced by a European PIIEC which is already deployed with extremely ambitious projects.

Finally, 500 million euros to create the digital and innovative devices of tomorrow.On these sums, I point out to you, and I thank all the actors, that nearly 800 million are already committed.And I would say that the success of Parisanté Campus, launched a year ago by the Head of State and that we inaugurate today, is the very example of what it is possible to do when the means come tosupport for our ambitions.It is indeed, I want to insist on it, a very great success.The promise is held, it is also a question of credibility of public action.

For the first time, we will find together on a single site dedicated to digital in health five public operators that I all salute, four research institutes, major institutions, companies, "start-ups" and associationsof patients.These are already more than 1,000 people present on the site, for an invested budget of 45 million euros, this was said, within the framework of France revived on the prefigurator site.It is thanks to devices of this scale that not only will France are going to catch up but, because this is our ambition, that it can take up the place that was its own and that it would never havehad to lose.

Indeed, I say it very clearly and you know, the ambition of this project is to make France the world leader in digital health.For this, we will accelerate innovation for and by digital in this field, through research on artificial intelligence, imagery and modeling.This effort will also be for 50 "start-ups" and businesses that you will welcome and grow.But we will not be satisfied with a single showcase, however beautiful, for our innovation policy.

Other projects of the same scale are emerging, and I welcome it, because they will comfort each other to give the scientific breath that lacked to our country.I obviously think, Mr. Director General, in the project at the Hôtel-Dieu de l'Ap-HP as well as at "Future4Care" with Sanofi, I don't know where Olivier is but he is there, and otherswill follow, in Paris but also in the region.This scientific effervescence must inaugurate a new golden age of French research.But it will only become a reality if all these projects collaborate, communicate and enrich each other.Because, let's not hide it here, everything is not just a subject of means.It is also, you know, a question of organization, networks, collaboration between actors.And there too, we have, you ladies and gentlemen the duty to progress.It is this spirit of collaboration that has since made it possible to lay the foundations of our system in terms of digital health.The ministerial delegation for digital health, you all know it.

You work with her remarkable teams Dominique Pon, Laura Letourneau.Under the authority of Olivier Véran, they achieved prowess from the start of the health crisis.I was the witness, the witness and the beneficiary as part of my mission on the deconfine.He continues to do it thanks to the mobilization of all.This delegation relates with the other departments of the ministry and with the support of the digital health agency, the NSC and the CNAM, the digital component of the health segur, 2 billion euros for the upgradeAccelerated digital of our medical and medico-social system and the digital health space, my health area during beta-test and which will be revealed in 2022, in accordance with the commitment of the President of the Republic for a routemore and more seamless care, as they say, thanks to digital.

For all those who had to soak on these subjects, I was a few years ago, what expected outcome, isn't it?The "Health Data Hub" that you also know, a founding member of Parisanté Campus, as the years, moreover, coordinated in the spring of 2020 the remarkable work of dozens of teams that mobilized the data to learn more about the virus ofCOVVI-19, on its modes of transmission, on its effects, especially in the event of comorbidity, to learn to detect its serious forms as long as they can be warned or reduce the impact.But the heart of the profession of "health data hub" is to facilitate access to health data to research.

These teams are fully mobilized to achieve this objective and we will continue to support this dynamic, including by improving the financing of data warehouses. Il nous faut, Ladies and gentlemen, poursuivre et amplifier ces évolutions.And this budgetary effort, I say it unprecedented, must be accompanied by an in -depth reform of practices.In this case, this is an unprecedented simplification effort, the measures of which are included in the social security financing bill, Minister, dear Thomas, for 2022.First, we will accelerate the provision of treatments in France, as asked for the President of the Republic.

First, for particularly innovative drugs, we have already implemented this unique system of early access.France may be proud to count among the first countries in the world to provide innovative treatments in pathologies with a committed vital prognosis and without therapeutic alternative.For other innovative drugs, we create an immediate access system to the market so that once the advice of the HAS rendered, they can benefit from health insurance care, before before thenegotiation of their price.And this, for rapid entry of industrialists on the market, therefore for patients, an acceleration of their treatment, this is obviously the objective pursued.

Secondly, from January 1, patients, precisely, will be able to benefit from more medicines and medical devices.He will have escaped anyone that the corresponding decrees were taken on Saturday.These devices often represent a significant cost which justifies that hospitals can benefit from an integral reimbursement of these products by health insurance within an enlarged perimeter, this will now be the case.There too for all those who have worked in the past on these questions.It is a particularly happy culmination.

Third, we facilitate the design, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products.A reform of the procedures for authorizing clinical trials was essential.Because we are good, it is reality in global competition.We have carried out this reform, we have chosen to reward more investments made on our soil through (inaudible), but also through taking into account production places in the price of medicines.It is a very significant evolution.

In fourth place, we offer a predictable framework to the actors.In doing so, we give them visibility on the expenses of medicines and health products and we secure the effort of our SMEs thanks to a voluntarist hospital purchasing policy.Things are going quickly.The PLFSS for 2022 understands all these measures and I really want to salute the ministry teams here, ministries but in particular that of solidarity and health that worked on these issues.Each one measures here all the habits that we had to shake up and the political will that it took us, at the request of the President of the Republic, to print.

And then, in fifth place, we will create an agency for health innovation called to see the light of day at the start of next year and we have made the choice, in order to guarantee its full efficiency, to install it atHeart of your Parisian Campus.It will thus benefit from maximum institutional visibility, while ensuring its proximity to the world of research and innovation.This agency will be the national health innovation referent.It will aim to respond to 3 high priorities which are not completely insured today.First, it will have to provide France with a strategy and objectives to be achieved in the short and long term with all the actors of research and innovation.This strategy that the 2030 Health Innovation Plan and sectoral strategies on digital health or biotherapies have started to build, must be completed, in-depth, territorialized, incorporating places like this, but also many others.Second objective: the agency must offer a one -stop shop for innovation carriers, to further accelerate the marketing time of new products.Again, no actor really does it so far.The agency will have intended to deploy a personalized approach to support companies whose projects have priority for the health, growing innovation strategy or whose industrial footprint in France is significant.Finally, third priority, the agency will continue to pilot this plan and these means in connection with the follow -up committee that I thank again.We will need a strong, but light, agile agency, which will have to bring fluidity and added value without becoming.An additional layer in an already complex system already.We have already planned to provide it with twenty positions for 2022.The procedure for recruiting SA or its director or director is launched.In short, with this agency, again, we give ourselves the means to accelerate.

Ladies and gentlemen, le moment est important, c'est pourquoi j'ai voulu m'appesantir sur les objectifs politiques et stratégiques qu'avec vous nous poursuivons.You have perfectly understood the challenges, this is an issue of the country, this is not a simply technical issue with the 2030 Health Innovation Plan, France must regain its place in the head of the scientific nations, therefore its attractivenesseconomic and industrial.It is necessary that in 2030, the President of the Republic was very clear, France has become a leader in digital health, with flagship places of course, like this.It will produce 20 biomedications, against 5 today.The objective is clear, it must be the first European country of clinical trials.The land of partnership and decompartmentalized innovation.And finally, one of the most attractive countries in the world for health investors.

La France, Ladies and gentlemen, est déjà un pays très attractif pour l'investissement international.There is no reason since we give ourselves the means they are not for health investments.In less than 10 years, we will have to have caught up the delay that we have accumulated in the previous 20.It is therefore an extremely strong ambition.This is to say also how much I can count on you, on your work, your investment, your research, your talents, but also cultural support.It is also a shock of mentalities to which we aspire.

This is why this plan has associated in an unprecedented way a panel of very wide actors in its design, actors who will also be part of its follow -up.I want to tell you and repeat it in a very solemn way, the French, our country needs, France needs that investors, researchers, entrepreneurs, doctors, but of course also their institutions: from France Biotech toAIM (pH), from Inserm to CHU, from ministries to private actors, work together in the same and only goal, in a fertile ecosystem, to give our country the influence that was its: Pasteur researchOn the rage at the work of Françoise Barré-Sinoussi on HIV.

We have a tradition, so we will have a future, but we no longer have the means, I say it serenely in front of you, to allow ourselves wars of chapels, laboratories, mandarinal stables that make us waste a lot of time,and often damage through the interposed press, the greatness of our research.I know that you will be by our side as you know that the government of the Republic has once again affected there completely unpublished means.I know that you are aware of the stake, I know that you know what is played collectively for our country, for your laboratories, in fact, for our fellow citizens, today and for the next 10 years.

Thank you.