Afghanistan: Between public executions and lists of citizens to track down, the Taliban fall the mask
By amk, 09/08/2022

Afghanistan: Between public executions and lists of citizens to track down, the Taliban fall the mask

Since the takeover of Kabul and the country by the Taliban last Sunday, the painful memories of the Mullah Omar regime which strictly applied Islamic law go back.The hope that the Taliban movement has changed, with a stronger desire for openness than twenty years ago, is tenuous.The Taliban have multiplied reassuring statements, especially on the departure of foreigners, and promised total amnesty for those who have worked for the Afghan government elected.But many negative signals have multiplied for a few days.

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Indeed, according to a confidential report of the United Nations, the Taliban intensified their search for people who worked with American and NATO forces, despite the promise of the insurgents not to seek revenge for their opponents.

The report, written by a group of risk assessment experts for the UN and consulted by AFP, says that the Taliban has "priority lists" of individuals they wish to stop.The most at risk are those who had positions of responsibility within the Afghan armed forces, the police and the intelligence units, according to the document.

"Several public executions"

The Taliban carried out "door-to-door targeted visits" among the individuals they want to arrest as well as in their family members, specifies the report.Many journalists and Internet users have also pointed out on social networks.“My sources confirm several public executions in #Afghanistan, notably in Kandahar.Anyone who thinks these guys have changed, there are also "moderate Taliban" and you have to "give them a chance" and "dare to try" - forget that! "Reports an independent German journalist.

Dated Wednesday, the UN report was written by the Norwegian Center for Global Analysis, an organization providing intelligence reports to the UN agencies."They target the families of those who refuse to surrender, and continue and punish families 'according to Sharia law'," the director of the group Christian Nellemann told AFP."We expect individuals who have worked for American and NATO forces and their allies, as well as their families, are threatened with torture and executions," he added.

Afghanistan: entre exécutions publiques et listes de citoyens à traquer, les talibans tombent le masque

Confirming the fears of the return of a cruel regime, Amnesty International has today revealed an investigation that Taliban had massacred nine men from Hazara ethnic group after taking control of the province of Ghazni located south of Kabul."These targeted assassinations are proof that ethnic and religious minorities remain particularly threatened under the Taliban regime in Afghanistan," said Agnès Callamard, secretary general of the NGO.

Desired journalists

On the other hand, journalists are increasingly worried about the degradation of the situation, despite the promise of the insurgents to respect the freedom of the.The Taliban looking for a journalist working for Deutsche Welle (DW) shot a member of his family and seriously injured another in Afghanistan, German radio on his website said on Friday morning on Friday morning on his website.

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The identity of the targeted journalist, who is now installed in Germany, has not been specified.Several other members of his family have been able to flee in extremis while the Taliban did door door to get their hands on them.

"The assassination of a relative of one of our publishers by the Taliban yesterday (Thursday) is incredibly tragic and illustrates the lively danger in which all our employees and their families in Afghanistan are," said Peter Limbourg, directorgeneral of DW, in a press release.

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"It is obvious that the Taliban already carry out operations organized in search of journalists, both in Kabul and in the provinces," he added."Time is counted!"

"Our lives are in danger"

According to the DW website, the Taliban led raids in the homes of at least three of his journalists.He also underlines that Nematullah Hemat, of the private television channel Ghargasht TV, would have been abducted by the Taliban and, referring to government sources, that the boss of the radio station Paktia Ghag had been shot.

Several journalists reported that they had been rossed with a stick or whip while they were trying to film in Kabul.CNN has published a video showing the Taliban raising their rifle as if to strike one of his teams, before stopping there.

An Afghan TV presenter, Shabnam Dawran, has appealed to the international community."Our lives are in danger," she said in a video posted Thursday online, after being forbidden to work this week.

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