By akademiotoelektronik, 25/01/2023

An artificial intelligence crushes a fighter in aerial combat

Total domination of the machine over man.In a tournament of air fighting simulations, an artificial intelligence aboard an F-16 beat one of the best pilots in the US Air Force.Not only once ... but five times in a row!This software called Heron Systems was developed for two years by DARPA: the American agency responsible for the research and development of new technologies intended for military use.

Better still, this artificial intelligence beat the veteran pilot by undergoing the same limitations imposed on the body of a real human during an air fight.Indeed, Heron Systems did not simulate aerial maneuvers going beyond the speed or acceleration thresholds that a normal pilot can undergo.According to Defense News, the algorithm stood out thanks to its aggressiveness but above all thanks to the precision of its shots."The usual maneuvers that we use to get out of the petrin do not work against this program," said the Déflese News pilot.

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Une intelligence artificielle écrase un pilote de chasse en combat aérien

However, this victory of the machine is not necessarily the sign of a future dominated by artificial intelligence.A member of the DARPA recalls that the fights won by Heron Systems were "very scripted" and that the program was not yet able to win a real duel in a real situation.In addition, the development of this algorithm is not intended to face humans but rather to help them."An AI on board the cockpit can help a pilot to react better during a surprise attack for example," explains Colonel Daniel Javorsk to Defense News.Heron Systems could also be located in future drones of American forces to help them become more independent.