Tourist accommodation bill - The government offers a new modern, simple, fair and efficient framework for tourism accommodation in Quebec
By amk, 20/09/2022

Tourist accommodation bill - The government offers a new modern, simple, fair and efficient framework for tourism accommodation in Quebec

QUÉBEC, le 8 juin 2021 /CNW Telbec/ - La ministre du Tourisme, Mme Caroline Proulx, a présenté aujourd'hui à l'Assemblée nationale son projet de loi sur l'hébergement touristique qui vise à poser les fondations d'un nouveau cadre législatif qui viendrait notamment réduire le fardeau administratif des entrepreneurs, faciliter l'encadrement et soutenir l'innovation, le tout en cohérence avec les gestes posés pour assurer la relance et la pérennité du secteur de l'hébergement touristique.

The proposed legislative provisions aim to considerably reduce administrative formalities and to reduce costs for tourist accommodation operators, as well as to simplify the rules in order to facilitate understanding by citizens and businesses and, thus, encourage better compliance.They would also make it possible to support municipalities and Revenu Québec more in the supervision of tourist accommodation.

This bill thus proposes a major reform of the current system.

Abolition of the compulsory classification system

The compulsory classification system and the star Pannonceau would be abolished and replaced by an online recording and an annual declaration of the accommodation offer and the services offered, grouped in a single digital document.The operation of a tourist accommodation establishment would now be subject to obtaining a recording number, retaining the obligation to display it on any advertisement.

Replacing the classification certificate by registration would result in a significant drop in the cost of it.Pricing will be equitable and would be the subject of a future government regulation.

The annual savings caused by this new system are estimated at more than $ 3 million in time and money for companies.

 Projet de loi sur l'hébergement touristique - Le gouvernement propose un nouveau cadre moderne, simple, équitable et efficace pour l'hébergement touristique au Québec

Additional tools to supervise collaborative accommodation

The bill includes provisions aimed at expanding cases where the Minister of Tourism can refuse, suspend and cancel an establishment registration, in order to support municipalities in the application of their regulations and the supervision of accommodationcollaborative on their territory.

Thus, the bill would extend to other types of residences, such as secondary residences and chalets, for example, the power of the Minister to suspend or cancel a registration in the event of a municipal regulations offense.

Support innovation

Finally, the bill offers support measures for innovation by allowing, among other things, the implementation of pilot projects aimed at studying, improving or defining standards in terms of tourism accommodation,in compliance with municipal skills.


“In the past two years, your government has carried out major advances to simplify, modernize and better supervise tourist accommodation in Quebec.With this bill, we put an end to a outdated approach, which was an obstacle to innovation and the emergence of new business models.This new phase of modernization of the legislation on tourism accommodation poses the foundations of a modern, simple and easily applicable legislative framework, which would allow our companies to save significant and money money.Recording an accommodation establishment would become much simpler than before, thanks to an online approach at a lower cost.We also offer additional municipalities in order to support them in maintaining the quality of life on their territory.Our government is committed to reducing the administrative procedures of entrepreneurs, innovating and supporting the revival of tourism.This bill meets these objectives, in addition to ensuring fair competition between actors in the collaborative economy and the traditional economy.»»

Caroline Proulx, Minister of Tourism

“The modernization of this law would be beneficial for the entire accommodation sector, in particular for owners and managers of small establishments.Indeed, any administrative reduction would allow them to generate precious time that they will be able to devote to other components of their business, in addition to making them save money.In these times filled with challenges, I am delighted that the provisions of this bill aim to directly support these companies so that they reconnect with growth as soon as possible.»»

Lucie Lecours, Minister Delegate to the Economy

“This bill would reduce the regulatory and administrative burden of tourist accommodation establishments and to stimulate investment, innovation as well as the increase in productivity, which is perfectly coherent with our action planregulatory and administrative reduction 2020-2025.To promote economic recovery, your government wishes to simplify life for our entrepreneurs and create a climate conducive to innovation and development, the objectives that would contribute to this project to modernize the law on tourist accommodation establishments.»»

Youri Chassin, Parliamentary assistant to the Minister of the Economy and Innovation (regulatory relief component)


  • Un groupe de travail consultatif sera mis en place, entre autres avec les partenaires municipaux, pour déterminer les modalités de suspension ou de retrait d'un enregistrement en cas d'infraction à la réglementation municipale, ainsi que les types de résidences visés par ces dispositions.
  • Ce projet de loi donne suite aux recommandations du rapport du Comité sur la modernisation du système québécois des établissements d'hébergement touristique, visant à adapter le cadre réglementaire actuel aux nouvelles réalités.
  • Il répond également à l'engagement 36 du Plan d'action gouvernemental en matière d'allègement réglementaire et administratif 2020-2025.
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