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By akademiotoelektronik, 28/09/2022

Drones, these metal allies |Slate.fr

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Since September 11, 2001, for ten years, the United States has designed a drone forceaerian to fight against their new enemies.Faced with desterrorists ready to kill anyone, we have built machines that chase and kill, but do not bleed.

Over the next few years, we could be more and more dependent on the people and their spies, and this for another reason: we lose Desmit.

Since September 11, the fleet of American drones has gone from a few dozen to 7.000.The Air Force now forms more drivers to maneuver drones than bombers or hunters.Espoise drone flights were intensive in Afghanistan and Iraq, where we have waged ground fighting.But drones have been particularly useful in Pakistan, where we cannot send Decrupses.

At each intervention of the American land forces on its territory (the highest being that carried out within the framework of the raid which killed Osama bin Laden), Pakistan was furious.Yet these last five years, the Pakistani leaders have tolerated strikes of American drones, which killed nearly 2.000 insurgents in the country's border provinces.In fact, since the raid against bin Laden, these strikes have intensified and generalized.

Hand with the drone war, the role of the CIA has been reinforced.Like the latter, the CIA is invisible.It can chase and kill in a country without sapresence being official.While the army uses our drones in Afghanistan, the CIA uses Pakistan.It seems that we have been authorized to launcher to our drone missions in Pakistan from bases located within the country.

But this situation could change.The raid against bin Laden, as well as a deadly incident involving an American agent within Pakistan, have weakened the relationship between the United States and Pakistan.Rather than investigating the Pakistani agents that may have helped to house Bin Laden, Pakistan arrested people it suspected of having helped the United States to set up the raid.It also ended an American program intended to train Pakistani troops to Lutter against Al-Qaida.And the CIA discovered that insurgents were informed of the discussions of distribution between the United States and Pakistan.

Les drones, ces alliés de métal | Slate.fr

The unit states are therefore preparing to continue the fight against terrorism without the help of Dupakistan.The spare solution is to transfer our drones to basesafghanes and to Les them to Pakistan from these bases.When we withdraw from Afghanistan, we would launch our drones in place.We could thus continue to fight against Al-Qaida in the two countries, even without manssur the ground.

The same scenario is played in Yemen.With the decline, then the death of Bin Laden, Al-Qaidadans the Arabian peninsula, led by the radical Islamist Anwar Al-Awlaki, became the conductor of conspiracy against the United States.The Yemen regime, like that of Pakistan, prefers to see us fight against Cetennemi with drones only with land forces.

Until only, it was the American army that waged drone war in Yemen.But the latter made several mistakes.First, it has poorly identified a target and killed a Yemeni emissary.She then tried threereprises to reach Anwar Al-Awlak, without success.But the main problem knows the collapse of the Yemeni regime, which has destroyed the collaboration with the American forces.Its political proposters want to take power and put an end to American military operations.

The United States is therefore preparing to follow the same non-health strategy.They are new CIA officers in Yemen and charge the agency of a reinforced military action by sending drones since the outside.

Legally speaking, the American army needs the consent of the government concerned to wage a drone war.Not the CIA.The war can be hidden the euphemism of information operations and "secret intervention".Yemen also needs to shelter drones.We can make them pass the border from the air, as in Pakistan.We are already launching drone Desmissions on Yemen from Djibouti.

According to some reports, we are currently building a CIAbase outside Duyémen, which we could wage a war of drones in this country, without sounds.The American authorities hold the exact location of the secret Labase, but it would be logical that it be in Saudi Arabia, where the drone information collection network will be located.The base could accommodate a larger drone fleet than that of Djibouti aerodrome, where the capacity of the tracks has restricted the number of drone missions.

We also send drones to Libya.But we lead an open conflict in this country, in concert with NATO, unlike ouractivities in Pakistan and Yemen, which are clandestine.We use Desdrones rather than ground troops.We do not even send pilots pilot would get down.We charge the CIA to wage war so as not to have to respect the laws in this area.And we build bases outside the country to be able to control the entire remote operation, with a collection of information on targets, the CIA of which is responsible.

Percouron everything, we name the former director of the CIA, Leon Panetta, at the head of the American army.And the commander of the internal forces in Afghanistan, David Petraeus, at the head of the CIA.CIA and drones are the team of the future.They are the new face of a faceless war.

There is noisy of diabolical in there.It is a logical evolution.With its network of terrorist cells widespread within decline states, Al-Qaida Estune Organization designed to escape the conventional practices of Laguerre.We in turn evolve to fight against this new threat.

In a world where political chaos reigns, where American power is endeclin, unstable allies, friends who are not trustworthy and enemies obey any rule, we develop a new form of war that we can carry out for regional air bases, with machines to be tutor in the air supplied by secret human networks in the field.What is frightening is not that it can work, but that it does not nearch.


Translated by Charlotte Laigle

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