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Noyades increase, explanations with professionals in the sector in the Alpes-Maritimes and the Var

A France Public Health Survey France reports 314 cases of drownings, including 79 deadly, in June and early July.An increase of 22 % compared to the same period in 2018.How to explain this significant increase?

More than 300 accidental drownings, including 79 deadly, occurred in France between early June and early July, reported this Tuesday, July 13, public health France which calls for vigilance.

This survey specifies that these drownings were: """"""""""""""""occurred in the context of lifting the restriction measures deployed for the management of the COVVI-19 epidemic.These measures have been translated in particular by a significant reduction in physical activity and weight gain leading to a probable alteration of the physical condition of the population.""""""""""""""""

On Twitter, the organization also recalls:

In Toulon, in the Var, the National Sample Company at sea (SNSM), records each year on average 500 interventions and takes care of the surveillance of fifteen beaches.

In 2020, Patrick Tellier, the director of the association, already counted an increase of 10 to 20%, concerning drowning accidents.

Selon lui, """"""""""""""""certains surestiment leurs capacités physiques et seraient moins vigilants depuis le déconfinement.""""""""""""""""The health crisis would therefore have had an impact on the conditions of individuals, but like the other professionals in the sector, it highlights other elements to justify this increase.

Children know how to swim less well

The closure of municipal swimming pools for several months due to the various confinements accentuated the delays in learning.Swimming lessons in the school framework were therefore also impacted.

Jean-Michel Lapoux, Secretary General of the Federation of Masters Swimmer has alerted for these delays for several years:

For the secretary general of this federation, it would be missing 1,500 to 2000 lifeguards in municipal pools.

To hold the Professional Youth Patent for Education and Sport Option Aquatic Activities and Swimming Activities (BPJEPS), it takes more than 6000 euros and training lasts a year.Elements that can dissuade potential volunteers...

For Jean-Michel Lapoux, a child is able to learn to swim from five/ six years. Il ajoute : """"""""""""""""avant cet âge l'enfant a du mal à synchroniser ses mouvements, il n'est pas coordonné et il attrape vite froid...""""""""""""""""

Selon ce professionnel, il ne faut pas que l'enfant développe son """"""""""""""""aisance aquatique"""""""""""""""" avant d'être en mesure de savoir nager, sinon il risque de se noyer plus facilement.

More and more swimming pools in individuals

Among the swimming pool drownings, 56% take place in a private family swimming pool.In 122 cases, these drownings concern children under the age of six.

Bien que la loi du 1er janvier 2004, stipule : """""""""""""""" à compter du 1er janvier 2004, les piscines enterrées (ou semi-enterrées) non closes privatives à usage individuel ou collectif doivent être pourvues d'un dispositif de sécurité normalisé visant à prévenir le risque de noyade.""""""""""""""""

With confinement, more and more individuals have chosen to build pools on their land, therefore increasing the proportion of accidents.An increase noted in Nice, by the company SPA Pool which recorded 10% additional sales.

Leaticia Harrizzi est maître-nageur à Cannes, elle exerce ce métier depuis 25 ans, elle déplore le manque de surveillance des parents: """"""""""""""""il faut surveiller ses enfants, même s'il y a des barrières, même s'il y a des alarmes, il faut au moins leur apprendre à récupérer le mur si jamais il tombe dans l’eau.""""""""""""""""

The right gestures to adopt

If young children are mainly affected by drownings, the elderly are also at risk.Fatigue, heart stops or hydrocution are the main causes of drowning in adult audiences.

In 2021, the two most represented age categories among accidental drownings were children under the age of 5 (21 %) and people aged 65 and over (25 %).

At all ages, swimming therefore includes risks, but simple gestures can be adopted to bathe safely.

For the little ones:

For adults:

Depuis 2015, le ministère des sports a mis en place le dispositif """"""""""""""""j’apprends à Nager"""""""""""""""", des cours gratuits de natation accessibles aux enfants de 4 à 12 ans pour faciliter l'apprentissage de la natation avant la rentrée en 6 ème.A partnership with communities or sports leagues.

This year in PACA, 32 project leaders were positioned on this initiative in the various municipalities.

The government has set a target of 800 basins which it undertakes to finance up to 50%. La ministre des Sports a également annoncé l'implantation de bassins """"""""""""""""mobiles"""""""""""""""" dans les quartiers populaires pour des cours express de natation.