Grosjean: "Hamilton loses the title because of Bottas"
By amk, 30/08/2022

Grosjean: "Hamilton loses the title because of Bottas"

Romain Grosjean estimates that it was Valtteri Bottas, not the race director of Formula 1 Michael Masi, who caused Lewis Hamilton to lose yesterday at the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi.

Several pilots, including George Russell and Lando Norris, strongly criticized the way in which the period of the security car ended on Sunday at the very end of the Abou Dhabi Grand Prix, directly attacking the race directorFormula 1, Michael Masi.

Romain Grosjean considers that if Lewis Hamilton lost the title of F1 world champion last night in Abu Dhabi, it was because of his teammate Valtteri Bottas, who was absent subscribers, and not Masi.

"We can think what we want from Michael Masi, I find that he did a good job," says Grosjean at the microphone of Canal+.It is certain that Mercedes will try to push things, to go get the little beast and what has not been respected and that might not go into the codes and play on it.»»

Grosjean : « Hamilton perd le titre à cause de Bottas »

"Afterwards, Michael Masi defended his place, he said:‘ Here, that's called the car race ’.There were 58 laps, the safety car was able to fade in the 57th round, and no luck for Mercedes that there was a tour left.»»

"The real problem today was Valtteri Bottas," adds Grosjean.If Valtteri Bottas had been there, in third position, as Checo Pérez was able to help Max Verstappen earlier during the race, Max would not have stopped at the free stands and Lewis would have been protected.Why does Mercedes lose the race today?This is because Valtteri Bottas was not there to protect Lewis.»»

Transparent throughout the weekend for what was its last Grand Prix under the colors of Mercedes, Bottas crossed the finish line in sixth position yesterday on the Yas Marina circuit, beaten by the two Alphanai on the regular.

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