History: a 737 max in Antarctica (photos, video)
By amk, 18/06/2022

History: a 737 max in Antarctica (photos, video)

Low Cost Smartwings has landed one of its Boeing 737 Max 8 in Antarctica, a first for the remotorized monocourloir.

The landing on January 26, 2022 at the Troll Airfield aerodrome, at the northern tip of the Antarctica, marked a first for the type and for the Czech specialist in the cheap flight, chartered by Aircontact to transport members of the InstituteNorwegian polar (NPI) to their base.The 737-8 of Smartwings (OK-SWB, delivered in March 2018) took off from Oslo towards CAP airport in South Africa, via N'Djamena in Chad;From Cape Town, the plane continued to Antarctica.The flight lasted 6 hours, the device remaining 2 hours in Antarctica before leaving in the opposite direction.

Landing on a glacier requires a specially formed crew made up of 3 experienced dashboards - Tomáš Nevole, Jan Šťastný and Lubomír Malík.“You have to prepare well for such a flight.The preparations lasted several months, and the flight and landing went well, "said flight director Tomáš Nevole.The pilots had to undergo special training to familiarize themselves with the region and the landing track.All crew members have undergone survival training in the Arctic;The plane was equipped with polar survival kits including polar clothes for the crew, in addition to essential spare parts were transported on board.

The SmartWings crew, according to a press release, "received continuous weather reports and updates on airport operability during the flight via a data link and a satellite telephone communication".The 3000 m track covered with ice, built on a glacier at an altitude of 1232 meters, is used for landing and takeoff, the thickness of the ice having been measured and analyzed for a possible suspension of the operation."The surface has been specially prepared and the braking distance measured by the Norwegian Polar Institute before the operation, to allow take -off and landing in accordance with the regulations and standards of aeronautical manufacturers by keeping all safety margins".

Historique : un 737 MAX en Antarctique (photos, vidéo)

It is not possible to plan an alternative airport in place of Troll Airfield, "which has all the necessary equipment, including fire -fighting services, tailor -made approach cards and experienced staff", led by Sven Lidström of the NPI.Due to the fact that it is an "isolated" airport, where there are no other landing options at hand, it was necessary to obtain an assessment and approval of approvalThe Czech Aviation Authority.

The Troll research station is located 235 kilometers from the Côte de la Princess Martha, in its eastern part, on the land of Queen Maud in Antarctica.Managed by the Norwegian Polar Institute, the station is dedicated to environmental and climate monitoring, scientific research and cartography.

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