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Jeff Bezos will be on board the first inhabited flight of Blue Origin in space

This is a surprise: the American billionaire Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon and Blue Origin, announces himself in the first tourist flight in the space organized by his company.

On July 20, the first inhabited flight in New Shepard space, the capsule and the rocket made by Blue Origin, the astronautical company of Jeff Bezos, must be organized in the space of New Shepard..A headquarters are auctioned, with a price that is currently $ 2.8 million.What about other places?We now know that two of them will be occupied by members of the Bezos family.

It is precisely Jeff and his brother Mark.In a message published on Instagram on June 7, Jeff Bezos announces that he will pay for both his ticket and that of his brother."Since the age of five, I have been dreaming of traveling in space.On July 20, I will make this trip with my brother.The biggest adventure, with my best friend, ”he wrote.They will therefore end up with the person who will win the auctions on June 12.

In a message on Twitter published the same day, Blue Origin confirms that Jeff Bezos therefore does not participate directly in the auction, but aims well the unoccupied seats (the capsule can accommodate up to six passengers).Given the extreme wealth of the American businessman, he would have had no difficulty in winning: his fortune counts in fact in hundreds of billions of dollars.

Jeff Bezos sera à bord du premier vol habité de Blue Origin dans l’espace

In a few weeks, Jeff Bezos will be in there.// Source: Blue Origin

A proven rocket, but which has never transported anyone

The flight scheduled for July 20 already drew a certain attention, because it will be the first real tourist mission led by Blue Origin.He should arouse even more curiosity, given the presence of a public character like Jeff Bezos, also the richest man in the world, founder of Amazon and incidentally creator of Blue Origin.

The flight will be all the more important to follow since there has been no inhabited flight, even training.That said, the capsule and the rocket have already been tested: there are all fifteen uninhabited test flights since 2015, all conclusive (the only downside was the very first flight, with a rocket crash on the return, but thecapsule has been well recovered), at different altitudes, and sometimes in space.

It should be recalled that the auction product will not go to Blue Origin: indeed, the $ 2.8 million (or more, if new offers are made) will go to the Jeff Bezos, Club for foundationThe future.This structure is intended for young generations to encourage them to study science and pursue a career in this field, in particular to reflect on the prospect of living in space also.

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