By akademiotoelektronik, 17/01/2023

MotoGP Presentation Yamaha RNF, Debriefing Andrea Dovizioso: "I take this season as if it were the last" (integrality)

After Gresini Racing, who opened the MotoGP presentations ball for the 2022 season a day ago, it was this Monday the whole new Withu Yamaha RNF MotoGP Team Team team to go there for its introduction.The structure, which replaces this year the Petronas Yamaha SRT, already displays solid ambitions, which is more with a promising duet of pilots combining the fiery youth (Darryn Binder) with the experience of maturity: Andrea Dovizioso.

The latter, who will take part in 2022 in his 15th season and who had joined Petronas Yamaha SRT last year after a sabbatical period (the Italian thus took part in the last five rounds of the 2021 season forThe Malaysian team account) and who had to be satisfied with a specification of the M1 dating from 2019, this time can count on the latest generation of the Japanese machine.What be resolutely optimistic for the championship that is coming.

The almost 36-year-old pilot (he will be the oldest on the grid this year), three times vice-world champion from 2017 to 2019 with Ducati, therefore launched a new challenge, probably the last of his career in MotoGP.

We went to listen (via teleconference software) to the words of the Italian pilot impatient to start tests in Sepang, February 5.

As usual, we postpone here the words of Andrea Dovizioso without the slightest formatting, even if it is translated from English.

Andrea, you have so far piloted the Yamaha Specifications 2019 and 2021.What is the biggest change between these two motorcycles, and what do you expect from the 2022 specification that you will use this season?

"I actually had the possibility of making a comparison between the 2019 and 2021 specifications during the latest test that took place last year in Jerez.I must say that the difference between the two machines is quite huge.However, I have not yet had the opportunity to drive on the 2022 motorcycle, unlike the two pilots of the official team who have already had the opportunity to try new things.»»»»

"So I think that during the first trials in Malaysia in early February we will already have a significantly different motorcycle.In this sense, the two tests planned for Sepang will be of great importance because it will allow us to make decisions concerning the motorcycle that we will use this year.These five days of driving will undoubtedly allow me to adapt a little better to pilot the Yamaha, because I still have a good margin [of progression].»»»»

In 2020, when you were still at Ducati, you had encountered problems with the new tires then.Can you tell us, based on your experience from the end of last season, if these problems continue, and if you have to adjust your piloting style given the Yamaha?In other words: Does all this seem natural or are you still a lot of work to acclimatize to your machine?

MotoGP Présentation Yamaha RNF, Débriefing Andrea Dovizioso : « Je prends cette saison comme si c’était la dernière»»»» (Intégralité)

"I remember that the carcass that was introduced in 2020 had profoundly changed the way we had to brake, and I must say that it is the same thing with the Yamaha.For the moment when I brake I still don't feel like using the full potential of tires and motorcycles.I made a lot of progress on this subject in the last two races of the last year because I really focused my efforts on improving my braking.»»

"I must also add that the style of piloting required by the Yamaha is currently not natural for me.It’s not easy, but I think it’s feasible.I think that will require a lot of work, because when you touch an essential point of a machine, it is impossible not to adapt: you have to follow the characteristics of the motorcycle.»»»»

Last year you stayed away from the championship for a few months before making your comeback in Misano.Did you then feel changes when you had resumed competition?

"Many things had already changed in 2020, and it continued in 2021.In MotoGP there are always significant changes from one season to another, for the simple reason that the development of machines and pilots is considerable there.So there is always something able to surprise you.But the biggest change undoubtedly took place in 2020, because it was a fairly strange season for more than one title, whether at the level of the championship as such as at the level of the health context with the COVVI,and technically with the introduction of this new pneumatic carcass.»»»»

Do you think your situation is similar to that of Jorge Lorenzo when the latter went to Ducati in 2017?It's a bit of the same path but in the opposite direction to you, which must also adapt you, in your case to the Yamaha ...

"It is of course a necessity, a fortiori on a motorcycle.When you change your machine, you must of course adapt accordingly.This is what Jorge did in his time: he started to be really competitive when he changed his mental approach, which helped him to pilot differently than when he was with Yamaha.All pilots have different talents, a different experience, and it is necessary as possible to keep your own way of piloting.»»»»

You are a very important pilot for Yamaha, who wants to use your great experience to develop the M1.But the past shows us that sometimes this experience can sometimes limit the pilots concerned, especially when they are old.Do you agree with this?

"When you have about twenty years of experience like me, I think you have more positive than negative to offer, because you know how to be effective in your work.»»»»

Regarding the relationship with your new teammate Darryn Binder, do you consider yourself a kind of mentor for him, or are you mainly focused on your own work?

"I will be open with him as I am with almost all the pilots.If he needs to understand something, I will be there.I think, however, that he has a good speed of speed and that he has a good opportunity to show it.But if he needs help, I will be there.No problem.»»»»

You trained a lot with Danilo Petrucci.What did you feel when you saw him won his stage on the Dakar?Did this give you ideas for your career after MotoGP?

" No no no !I'm pretty crazy, but not as much as him!I will never do that.I know Danilo well, and I know how strong he is in motocross.It is true that he surprised me in terms of the result, because I did not expect that at all.So he did something really crazy, and I think his reaction after the special was moving, because when you travel hundreds of kilometers in these conditions, you are completely rinsed at the end.So get this type of result after such an effort, it necessarily arouses a lot of emotion.I was very happy for him, and I sent him a message because it was deserved.»»»»

You are the oldest pilot on the grid this year.Is it a source of fears on your side?

"I cannot of course be satisfied to be the oldest on the gate [laughs]!I cannot say that it is something positive.But if I am still there at my age, it also means that I worked in the right way during my career, and that people who have accompanied me during all these years have always helped me to progress.So I can be proud of that.»»»»

Have you ever thought about 2023?Do you have an idea of what you are going to do after this year?

"Last year was quite strange, and I expect it to be the same this year.I take this season as if it were the last, because I do not know at all what will happen, and it will be conditioned as always by the results that I will get.If these are good, then there will be no problem, but if it is difficult it will be another matter.For the moment I have no contract for next year, but anyway I don't want it for the moment because I don't know what I want to do in 2023 yet.But again: everything will be conditioned by the results.If they are good, then it is that I would have fun, and if they are not, it is that it will be more difficult for me.»»»»