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Brazil Grand Prix Grand Prix 14/11/2021 Formula 1

At a few great prices from the end, Max Verstappen and Red Bull base on the title when Hamilton seems to have trouble holding the cadence.More efficient in Mexico City, the Batavian actually signed a ninth victory this season and relegated its British rival to 19 points in the championship.If he wants to win an eighth coronation, Lewis Hamilton therefore has no choice and must make the perfect end of the season.

In this context, Sunday's race promises to be sensational and we can't wait to see our two protagonists compete again.Above all, the manufacturer championship having been brought up to date with the rise of Red Bull, we expect even more spectacle on the side of Brazil this weekend.To follow this race, go Sunday at 6:00 p.m. on the legendary interlagos traced.

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The 2021 Formula 1 season

Leaving third, Max Verstappen did the right operation of the day last Sunday, winning it in Mexico.With the best car in his hands, he delivered a real demonstration to relegate Lewis Hamilton to fifteen seconds in his way on the finish line.At this stage of the season, the Dutchman could not dream better.He is gradually flying into the rankings while Red Bull seems to take precedence over performance on silver arrows.

However, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes should not be buried too quickly.Overall in difficulty on the previous weekend, they posted, once again, their ability to get the most out of their machines, even when the situation appears poorly embedded.If it did not finally benefit the arrows of money, it must be said that placing the gray cars in the first two places in Mexico was a feat and testified to the prodigious resilience of the German team.In this context, the second place of Hamilton actually appeared as an honorable result and the resistance offered to Sergio Pérez on the very last laps of tracks could be paid at the time of the final count.

Anyway, Max Verstappen has 19 points ahead and has given himself a slight right to make mistakes.Above all, the recent performances of Sergio Pérez allowed the bull firm to rebuild the manufacturer and come to tickle Mercedes on another land.From then on, this Grand Prix du Brazil and this end of the season promises to be completely crazy, but it would seem that Red Bull is somewhat taken over technically and psychologically.

Pronostic Grand Prix du Brésil 14/11/2021 Formule 1

Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that Formula 1 brings together 20 pilots and that the battle behind appears just as exciting.First of all, how not to evoke the magnificent fourth place of Pierre Gasly in Mexico City which offered a weekend of madness and allowed the Alpha Tauri to pick up the score with Alpine in the manufacturers' classification.The French pilot probably creates the best season of his young career and will be keen to reoffend on the circuit which had made him known his first podium.In front, the battle between Ferrari and McLaren should also continue to rage, although the reds seem to have taken over during the last GP.

F1 GP of Brazil: a start of the weekend to the advantage of Mercedes

Strong during free test sessions, Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes quickly confirmed their domination during the qualification session Friday evening.Unfortunately, the British pilot was disqualified due to a non -compliant rear wing and had to launch since the last place during the Sprint qualification.But then again, the seven -time world champion impressed by taking up 15 positions in just 24 laps.Penalized for a change of engine block, it will ultimately start tenth on the grid.

For his part, Max Verstappen - first from the Sprint qualification following the disqualification of Hamilton - failed to contain Valtteri Bottas and will have to go to second position, in front of Carlos Sainz.Indeed, thanks to a good start, the Finn managed to sign his fourth pole position of the season and will be of great help for his teammate.Sergio Pérez, meanwhile, will have to be satisfied with fourth place.

F1 GP of Brazil: the starting grid

F1 GP of Brazil: stats and key points

F1 GP of Brazil: prize list

F1 GP of Brazil: the last 5 podiums

Brazil GP prognosis

Grand Prix prognosis - Brazil: Max Verstappen's victory

By launching into second position, Max Verstappen has a considerable advantage compared to Lewis Hamilton and can use Sergio Pérez to block.Consequently, even if the Dutchman is less efficient than the Briton this weekend, we think that he will manage to get rid of Bottas and that he will be able to resist the return of his rival after a breathtaking race.

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Grand Prix prognosis - Brazil: Lewis Hamilton on the podium

In view of all the quality he demonstrated during the Sprint qualification, Lewis Hamilton should not have too much trouble playing the podium, even by rushing so far.On the contrary, he even keeps his chances for the victory.

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F1 2021: General classification

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