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The toll -free motorway for 2022

A "Free Flow" system for ex-dial which becomes A79

Les conducteurs traversant la France de la façade Atlantique vers l'Allemagne, la Suisse ou l'Italie connaissent bien la RCEA puisqu'elle permet de traverser gratuitement le pays.

Inevitably, with very important traffic including on the part of heavy goods vehicles, the road is also sadly famous for its dangerousness, with portions up to twice as accident -causing as on other roads of the same type.It must be said that several areas are twice a path.

To put an end to this situation, it was decided in 2017 that the RCEA was going to be transformed into a highway by widening the entire axis in two times two lanes (88 km concerned).This project, which must end for the summer of 2022 with the opening to the circulation of the new A79 motorway, will also be accompanied by a technological advance in terms of.

L'autoroute sans péage pour 2022

Because yes, the axis becoming a highway, it will become chargeable, but it will also become the longest of the country to offer "free-flow", or free flow.To put it simply, we do without toll barriers.

If the practice is already widespread in Europe, it is little the case in France, only some outings being equipped, the first of which on the A4 has spoken of it after a few hiccups.

In practice, vehicles in circulation will be identified by six porticos clad in cameras which will date the passage and transmit their data to a billing center.To pay, drivers may either use a telepected badge taking their DUs at the end of the month, either registering on a website to be deducted, or pay within 48 hours on the terminals or by Internet.

The concept of Free Flow tolls is based first on an ecological notion, the objective here being to limit the stops and restarts of heavy goods vehicles which can consume up to two liters of additional fuel in the maneuver, but also avoid long lineswaiting. C'est ALIAE, filiale du groupe Eiffage, qui assurera l'exploitation de la concession pour 48 ans.

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