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VIDEO.Helicopter pilot, a dream not necessarily inaccessible in Corsica |Corsica morning

The first helicopter pilot school with European approval opened in Corsica in January 2019.Five students have already joined the training provided in the premises of Corse Hélicoptère, at Campo Dell'oro airport

A feeling of freedom.Helicopter pilots are unanimous. Il n'y a pas mieux que l'hélicoptère pour évoluer dans les airs en Corse.

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Move on all reliefs without the need for landing track, benefit from an unlimited flight area.Put 1 h 45 to go to Rome starting from Ajaccio.And without queuing at the airport.What a dream…

And this dream, five apprentice Corsican pilots are realizing it.A student has already obtained his patent at the age of 71!

Three Ajaccians, a Bastiais and a Porto-Vecchiais, who preferred to keep anonymity, had the chance to integrate the premises of Corse Helicopter to obtain the license of private helicopter pilot (PPL-H), in order toPractice non -commercial private flights.

Air regulation, navigation, meteorology, aerology, technical knowledge of the device, all areas are studied by students in the training room or remote by internet on a site dedicated and approved by the Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC)).

“We form the students on a small Guimbal helicopter (Cabri G2), equipped with the latest technologies.The profile of helicopter enthusiasts is varied.There are all ages.The youngest is 28 years old and the 71 year old.They are people from all sides.At ease financially of course, or that succeed through savings or subsidies to set up their training, ”explains Gilbert Giacometti, instructor pilot at Corse Helicoptera.

45 hours of minimum flight

The cost of training is obviously very high.It will take no less than 28.000 € to obtain the license of helicopter pilot.And an hour of flight on a two -seater helicopter returns to € 500.Even 1.€ 600 for a more imposing helicopter.

VIDEO. Pilote d'hélicoptère, un rêve pas forcément inaccessible en Corse | Corse Matin

"The pilots must perform 45 hours of minimum flight and of course follow the theoretical courses," continues the pilot.

Perseverance, self -confidence and patience are the qualities required to cross the different training levels and pass before the final examiner.

The diploma can be obtained in a few months for the most assiduous."The most important thing is to have a regularity in the training," insists Gilbert Giacometti who joined Corsica Helicopter after having carried out 18 years in the army.

« Poursuivre ses rêves»»

And this pilot passionate about aeronautics wishes to send a message to the younger generations who might think that this type of profession is necessarily reserved for an elite.

"I started studying aeronautics at the Ajaccio flying club passing the BIA (aeronautical initiation certificate).I took lessons every Saturday in 1981 for 2:30 a.m..

Basic training to become a pilot.Then, with the diploma, we were entitled to a 10 hour flight scholarship.

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This sets out to the stirrup to start flying at the flying club and obtaining the private pilot certificate.I then met a gendarmerie helicopter pilot.He convinced me and I passed the competition and joined the army in 1982.This is how I became a helicopter pilot in the army.And it was the army that funded my training, ”says the instructor.

Different courses

Several courses thus lead to piloting.Military, civilian route ... Cédric Buttafoco, also an instructor pilot, joined the circuit by multiplying its flight hours in the United States.A more expensive method because he has fully funded his training as a professional pilot."I started flying at 28 years old in Calvi.There was a helicopter pilot school that has disappeared today.There is only one flying club now

Then I multiplied my flight hours in the United States to become a professional pilot.Flight hours are less expensive across the Atlantic.Many French people do that.Then I left on the French Riviera to work as an instructor pilot before arriving in Ajaccio four years ago.At Corse Hélicoptère, I do investigation and air transport, specifies this 38 -year -old banish, it took a long time but my dream came true.»»

Different courses but the same passion unites these instructing drivers.“Instruction is also an interesting area because we transmit our know-how. C'est un retour d'expérience»» , se réjouit Cédric.

« Il y a une complicité qui se crée avec les élèves»», rajoute Gilbert Giacometti qui effectue également du travail aérien avec Corse Hélicoptère.

"We work with the shelters of the Corsican Regional Natural Park. Nous effectuons également des missions pour EDF, des relevés topographiques, des circuits découvertes, des tournages avec le photographe Yann Arthus Bertrand»», précise le pilote rajoutant que chaque vol en Corse est un émerveillement quelle que soit la saison.

"The colors are magnificent on the whole island and all the reliefs.»»