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Contact Sosh by phone: what are the numbers?

Would you like to reach a Sosh advisor by telephone for a request for information or so that he can help you solve a line problem? Here are the different numbers you can contact depending on your situation.

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Contacting Sosh by phone: what are the numbers to reach customer service in France?

The following numbers allow you to contact Sosh customer service. However, they do not all present the same calling conditions.

Sosh 3900: the commercial service

This number is to be dialed from a fixed or mobile line. By joining 3900, you will be put in touch with the sales department of Orange and Sosh. If you are not yet a Sosh customer and would like to become one or obtain information that will help you make your decision, you can contact this number and ask for Sosh's sales department. The correspondent will then be able to answer all your questions concerning the subscription to a Sosh internet or mobile offer, the advantages, the conditions, etc. It should be noted that this number is free (waiting time + call) from any mobile line (any operator), as long as the plan includes an unlimited call offer. In the event that you have a blocked package, the price of the call will be deducted like a classic call made to mainland France; the waiting time is not charged anyway.

Sosh 3976: the non-surcharged emergency number

You can reach this number from a landline or mobile. 3976 is a free number provided you have an Orange or Sosh line. Indeed, if you are not a Sosh customer, the waiting time will be charged. For customers, the waiting time is free and the call is counted at the cost of a traditional call to mainland France. So, if you have a plan with unlimited calls from Sosh, calling 3976 will cost you nothing. On the other hand, if you have a blocked plan, the price of the call will be deducted from your subscription. However, this number is used to reach customer service and is therefore exclusively reserved for Sosh customers. Indeed, for any question relating to your current Internet or mobile subscription, a request for troubleshooting, a line suspension or any other request for assistance; 3976 is the number to dial.

Sosh 3970: customer service

As a Sosh customer, you can also contact customer service by dialing 3970 from an Orange or Sosh mobile line. This number is completely free for Sosh customers, whether you have an unlimited or blocked plan. Thus, even if you have a subscription including 2 hours of calls, calls made to 3970 will not be deducted from your package. By calling this number, you can obtain personalized assistance on your offer, in the same way as by contacting 3976. You will simply have to ask to be transferred to Sosh customer service, since 3970 is associated with the Orange switchboard .

Sosh 740: the vocal server

Contacting Sosh by phone: what are the numbers?

You can contact Sosh by dialing this number from your Sosh mobile if you want to join the voice server. If you are calling from a landline or the mobile line of another operator, you must dial 0800 100 740. The connection service and the call are completely free in both cases, provided that you are calling from the Metropolitan France. Thanks to the Sosh voice server, you can obtain information on the offers offered by the operator or benefit from assistance with frequently asked questions: unlocking your SIM card, troubleshooting your mobile line, etc.

How to contact Sosh from abroad?

The above telephone numbers are used to contact Sosh from metropolitan France. If you are on vacation, traveling or have simply decided to live abroad, here are the numbers you will now need to dial to reach Sosh customer service. From a foreign destination, it will therefore be necessary to dial +33 9 69 39 39 00 in order to be put in touch with a Sosh customer service advisor (3976). Connection to this number remains free; however, the call is chargeable and the price varies depending on the country you are in. You can also reach the voice server (740 or 0800 100 740) on 00 33 800 100 740. The connection service is also free, but the call is billed at the price of a traditional call made from the country from from which you are calling, to mainland France.

Professional: how to contact Sosh's Pro customer service?

As a professional, you are not eligible for Sosh mobile and internet offers. Indeed, the latter are reserved exclusively for individuals. However, you can possibly turn to the Smart Pro plans offered by Orange if you want to subscribe to an attractive mobile plan. Indeed, the operator Orange has decided to draw inspiration from the offers made by its subsidiary Sosh to in turn offer low-cost packages for professionals. Thus, if you are a company and wish to contact the customer service reserved for professionals in order to obtain information about a Smart Pro package (invoices, contract, equipment), you can dial 706 from a mobile phone. This number is free when dialed from an Orange mobile.

If you are calling from a landline, dial 08 25 00 07 06. This number is surcharged and the service costs €0.125 excl. VAT/min. The call is counted as a classic call to mainland France. Finally, if you are abroad, you can call +33 9 69 32 10 16 (free service + price of a call made to a French mobile). You also have the possibility of benefiting from personalized assistance. To do this, you can reach technical assistance on 1017 (free call from an Orange mobile). In addition, to benefit from the support of a professional expert advisor able to answer all your questions, you can also dial 3907 (service €0.34 excl. VAT/min + price of a standard call).

When is the best time to contact Sosh by phone?

Sosh customer service 3976 can be reached Monday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., except on public holidays. However, the most accessible time slots remain as follows: Monday to Friday from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.; 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. Monday to Saturday and 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday. Outside these hours, the level of affluence is particularly high and the lines of the customer service of Sosh can be more difficult to reach. Orange's 3970 customer service, which can also be used to reach Sosh's, as well as the voice server (740 or 0800 100 740), are also available Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm (excluding public holidays). If you wish to contact Sosh by telephone from abroad, you should also refer to the same availability times.

Contacting Sosh: the right numbers for the right situations

In the following table, you will find the different numbers dedicated to Sosh customer service, as well as their assignments. You will therefore be able to contact Sosh quickly and be put directly in touch with the service that will be able to respond specifically to your request.

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ContactCall priceOpening hoursPossible steps
3900Free service + price of a standard callMonday to Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., excluding public holidaysGet information / Subscribe to an internet or mobile offer
3976For Orange network customers: free waiting + price of 'a classic callFor non-customers: paid waiting (€0.38/min) + price of a classic call/Request the commissioning of equipment / Declaring the loss or theft of a telephone / Suspending a mobile line / Requesting troubleshooting for a mobile line or internet / Unblocking your mobile and obtaining a PUK or PIN code / Making a complaint
3970Free Service + Call//
740 / 0800 100 740Free service + call/Get information / Support and troubleshooting on frequently asked questions
Abroad+33 9 69 39 39 00 / 00 33 800 100 740 (voice server)Free service + price of a call from abroad to mainland France/+33 9 69 39 39 00 as for 3976 and 3970 / 00 33 800 100 740 as for 740 or 0800 100 740< /td>